Your Search For Thicker, Fuller Hair Ends Here with OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Shampoo



Give your thin, limp hair the boost it deserves with OGX’s innovative volumizing shampoo infused with biotin, collagen, and wheat proteins. This synergistic blend of nutrients thickens each strand, leaving your hair looking abundantly full and healthy.

The unique formula plumps up the diameter of each hair follicle, adding body and texture that lasts. No more flat, lifeless locks – this shampoo transforms your tresses to be soft, shiny, and voluminous.

Key Benefits:

  • Biotin strengthens hair strands and stimulates growth
  • Collagen fortifies hair with building blocks for strength and renewal
  • Wheat protein adheres to the hair shaft for instant thickness
  • Cleanses hair without stripping natural oils for added body
  • Sulfate-free surfactants provide gentle, effective cleansing
  • Paraben-free formula is safe for all hair types

Experience hair rejuvenation and intense volume like never before. Biotin is essential for healthy, vibrant hair as it promotes thicker strands less prone to breakage. Collagen fills in gaps in the cortex to reinforce thickness and bounce. Wheat protein creates a protective barrier around each strand, improving elasticity for noticeably fuller locks.

This rejuvenating shampoo is gentle enough for daily use. The sulfate-free formula maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance while dissolving dirt, oil, and impurities. Your hair will never feel dry or straw-like, just lightweight and bouncy. The refreshing bergamot, vanilla, and jasmine scent uplifts the senses, leaving hair touchably soft and smelling beautiful.

Say Goodbye to Flat, Limp Hair

Thin hair can make you feel self-conscious and frustrate you to no end. No matter how much you curl, backcomb, or tease, your hair still appears wispy and frail. Genetics, stress, hormonal changes, and heat styling damage are common culprits for decreased volume.

The OGX volumizing shampoo is thoughtfully formulated to undo the damage and restore your hair’s thickness. As you massage the nutrient-rich lather over your scalp and lengths, you’ll notice an instant boost in volume and shine. Regular use helps accelerate hair growth cycles so strands regenerate faster.

Over time, hair becomes stronger, silkier, and more vibrant. Achieve salon-worthy body and movement with just a quarter-sized amount on wet hair in the shower. Rinse thoroughly as the wheat protein binds to give lasting thickness and hold.

Customer Reviews

Karen R.

I’ve always had super fine hair that looked rather sad. This shampoo is amazing! After one use, my hair felt fuller with more bounce. I love the scent too.

Jasmine T.

My postpartum hair was shedding like crazy. OGX biotin shampoo halted the hair fall out and made my hair so much thicker. I have my confidence back!

Robin S.

I used to spend so much money on volumizing products at the salon with zero results. This affordable shampoo delivers awesome volume and leaves hair so soft. I’m hooked!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should this shampoo be used for best results?

For optimal thickening and volumizing benefits, use the shampoo daily or every other day. Results are cumulative so continued use strengthens hair over time.

Does this shampoo cause buildup in the hair?

No, the formula is designed to dissolve buildup and clarifies hair without stripping oils. For best results, massage into scalp and rinse thoroughly before conditioning.

Is this color-safe for chemically treated or colored hair?

Yes, the gentle formula is safe for color-treated and chemically processed hair. The nourishing ingredients will actually help strengthen and protect color.

What is the scent like?

The shampoo has a light, refreshing blend of bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla. It smells beautiful without being overpowering.

Is this product cruelty free and vegan?

Yes, OGX products are PETA certified cruelty free and do not contain any animal derived ingredients making them 100% vegan friendly.

Give your hair the nourishment and care it deserves. OGX Thick & Full Shampoo offers salon-quality volume without the damage. Revive your hair’s thickness and texture with this breakthrough formula. Just a small amount transforms flat, lifeless hair into bouncy, shiny, voluminous locks you’ll love showing off.


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