Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman Eau de Parfum Spray – A Fresh, Feminine Scent Inspired by the Designer Fragrance



Capture the essence of confidence and femininity with Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman Eau de Parfum Spray. This delightful fragrance opens with sparkling citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin orange. The crisp fruits mingle beautifully with aquatic accords and passionfruit, creating an invigorating top note.

As the fragrance develops, the fruits give way to an alluring heart of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Hints of peach and raspberry add fruity sweetness, while warm base notes of cedar, amber and musk lend depth and longevity. The blending of floral, fruity and woody accords results in a scent that is fresh, feminine and uplifting.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Passionfruit, Aquatic Accords

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Peach, Raspberry

Base Notes: Cedar, Amber, Musk

Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman evokes feelings of confidence, sophistication and charm. The luminous citrus opening energizes the senses, while the floral heart caresses with soft, feminine elegance. Dry down reveals a sensual warmth, leaving a lingering trail of intrigue. This vibrant, multidimensional scent transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Housed in a sleek glass bottle with silver cap, Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman makes a chic addition to your fragrance wardrobe. The 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum spray allows you to mist your pulse points liberally whenever you want to feel inspired, confident and radiant.

When to Wear It

Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman is a versatile scent that complements every occasion. Spritz it on for a morning boost of energy before heading off to work or class. The citrusy top notes and florals are perfect for daytime wear. As the day transitions into evening, the warmth of the base notes come through, making it suitable for special nights out. The luminous scent also works nicely for casual daytime activities like meeting friends for brunch or spending a day shopping.

Who It’s For

This perfume was created for the modern, sophisticated woman who appreciates bold, inspiring fragrances. The woman who wears Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman is confident, elegant and ready to take on the world. She has a zest for life and is not afraid to take risks or be adventurous. This scent matches her energy and charm.

Consumer Reviews

“Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman is one of my new favorite perfumes! It’s such an invigorating, feel-good scent. The sparkling citrus opening really energizes and uplifts me. And I love how the softer florals come through later in the day. This perfume makes me feel happy whenever I wear it!”

“I get so many compliments when I wear this perfume! It’s feminine and fun without being too sweet or overwhelming. The fruits blend so nicely with the florals. And the cedar dry down adds a subtle sexiness. I honestly can’t stop spraying this on, the scent just makes me feel confident and ready to take on anything.”

“What an amazing deal for such a complex, luxurious scent! I love how it transitions from the bright fruits to the soft florals to the warm woodsy notes. This perfume definitely punches above its price point. It smells far more expensive than it actually is. The bottle is also really elegant and looks great on my vanity.”

How to Apply

Apply Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman generously to your pulse points to unleash the full vibrancy of the top notes. Mist onto your wrists, neck, d├ęcolletage and behind the knees. You can reapply as needed to refresh the bright citrus and fruity layers. A few spritzes go a long way, allowing the scent to last for hours. The fragrance develops beautifully on skin, revealing new depths as you go about your day or evening.

Complete Your Designer Inspired Fragrance Wardrobe

Parfums Belcam offers a range of luxurious, affordable fragrances inspired by designer perfumes. Their collection allows you to experiment with new scents at just a fraction of the cost. Try pairing the fresh femininity of Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman with other bestselling fragrances:

Parfums Belcam A Eau Love – A fruity gourmand inspired by the designer fragrance Good Girl. Top notes of juicy pear and bergamot lead to a sensual heart of cocoa, tuberose and jasmine. The dry down features Tonka bean, praline and ambroxan for a trail of mouthwatering intrigue.

Parfums Belcam S Eau Soiree – A captivating oriental vanilla fragrance. Opens with tart cherry and juicy plum, followed by a spicy heart of cinnamon, rose and jasmine. The base showcases creamy vanilla, caramel and sandalwood.

Parfums Belcam C Eau Charm – A sparkling fruity chypre fragrance inspired by the designer scent Daisy. Notes of wild berries, violet leaves and gardenia create an irresistible springtime bouquet. The base features sensual woods and musk for staying power.

With Parfums Belcam, there’s no need to sacrifice quality or complexity. Discover luxury inspiration at affordable prices. Add Parfums Belcam G Eau Woman to your collection today and immerse yourself in confident, feminine radiance.


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