Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Girls – Fresh, Gentle Scent for Your Little Princess



Treat your little princess to the sweet, gentle fragrance of Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Girls. This 8.3 oz bottle of cologne is specially formulated for girls with a light, fresh scent that will make her feel like royalty.

A Signature Scent Just for Her

Young girls love having their own special grown-up products, and Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne lets your daughter have a signature scent all her own. The crisp, clean fragrance has hints of citrus and floral notes that come together to create a soft, pretty aroma she’ll love wearing every day.

Made with Gentle, High-Quality Ingredients

Para Mi Bebe takes care to use only gentle, high-quality ingredients when crafting their colognes for kids. You can feel good knowing the formula is free of harsh chemicals and safe for your child’s delicate skin.

Always a Light, Subtle Scent

Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne is designed to be light and subtle. It will never be overpowering, but instead gives just a whisper of fragrance. The delicate scent works beautifully for girls while never being too bold or mature.

Perfect for Daily Use

This cologne for girls is ideal for wearing every day. The clean, fresh scent works for any occasion from playdates with friends to family gatherings. Keep her smelling sweet no matter where the day takes her.

A Little Goes a Long Way

A small amount of Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne goes a long way, so this 8.3 oz bottle will last a while. Just a quick spray or two is all your princess needs to surround herself in the beautiful fragrance all day long.

How to Use

Apply Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Girls in the morning or before going out. Help your daughter spray 1-2 light mists over her clothing, hair or wrists. Avoid direct contact with eyes, lips and facial area. Let her enjoy the girly scent as she plays, explores and discovers the world around her.

Delight Her Senses

Your little girl will love being able to carry her own special scent in her purse for touch-ups whenever she wants. The pretty bottle with pink accents makes her feel like a big kid. spritz of this cologne throughout the day will delight her senses and make her smile.

Surround Her in Sweetness

Let your princess feel beautiful inside and out with the sweet, fresh fragrance of Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Girls. The gentle formula and crisp scent will make her feel confident, happy and ready to take on the day. Surround her in a light cloud of prettiness that reflects her joyful spirit.

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Treat the special girl in your life to something made just for her. Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Girls is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any day you want to see her smile. Click Add to Cart now to let her signature scent shine!


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