Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Boys – Refreshing Alcohol-Free Scent (Pack of 3)



Keep your little man smelling fresh and clean with Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Boys. This mild, pleasantly scented cologne is alcohol-free, making it gentle on your child’s delicate skin. The original cologne scent leaves skin clean and refreshed.

Para Mi Bebe understands how active little boys can be. Running, jumping, playing – it all adds up to working up a sweat. This cologne is the perfect midday refresh when you’re out and about. A quick spritz cools hot skin and provides a light, crisp fragrance, without being overpowering.

An Inviting, Fresh Scent for Boys

Specifically designed for boys, this cologne has a bright, clean fragrance. Top notes of citrus and pineapple give way to hints of lavender and musk. It’s a universally appealing scent that isn’t masculine or feminine. The result is a crisp, refreshing cologne that boys will enjoy.

Para Mi Bebe carefully constructs their fragrances to be inviting, but never cloying. A little goes a long way with this cologne. The scent is noticeable, but won’t overpower those around him. It’s ideal for applying at school, sports practice, or playdates when you want your child to smell nice.

Alcohol-Free Formula for Delicate Skin

This cologne uses an alcohol-free formula, making it gentle for children’s sensitive skin. Many mainstream colognes contain a high percentage of alcohol, which can dry out and irritate young skin. Para Mi Bebe uses natural ingredients like aloe vera and calendula extract to cleanse, soothe, and hydrate.

The refreshing cologne mist feels cool on hot skin. It leaves no oily residue or stickiness. Skin is left clean, smooth, and comfortable. The alcohol-free formula won’t sting eyes or cause discomfort if sprayed near the face.

Convenient Value Pack

Each order comes with three 8.3 ounce bottles of Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for boys. The plastic bottles feature a mess-free spray nozzle that delivers a light mist. The value pack ensures you’ll always have cologne on hand for whenever your active boy needs a quick refresh.

Between playdates, school, sports, and more, little boys can work up quite a sweat. Having multiple bottles allows you to keep one in the car, one at home, and an extra for refills. The mild fragrance never becomes overwhelming, even if applied multiple times a day.

Refresh and Revive Throughout the Day

Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Boys is ideal for:

  • Refreshing at school – revive midday without disrupting classes
  • Sports practice – re-energize the team during water breaks
  • Playdates – greet friends with a light, pleasant scent
  • Hot summer days – mist on coolness when the temperature rises
  • Sweaty kids – reapply mild scent as needed, without irritation

The alcohol-free formula and crisp fragrance make this cologne suitable for regular use. It restores freshness without overwhelming his senses or yours. Keep your energetic boy smelling clean no matter how active his day is.

With its bright, fruity scent and refreshing feel, Para Mi Bebe Splash Cologne for Boys will be a staple in your diaper bag or car. A quick spritz cools and revives overheated, sweaty skin anytime he needs a pick-me-up. This pack of 3 keeps you fully stocked!


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