Paco Rabanne XS for Men Eau de Toilette – Alluring Scent That Stands Out From the Crowd



Paco Rabanne’s XS for Men is an alluring and mysterious eau de toilette that makes a bold statement. This dynamic and sensual fragrance opens with a burst of freshness from lemon, sage, and bergamot. The heartbeat of XS comes alive with spicy cinnamon and pepper mingling with warm rosewood and fresh juniper. The fragrance dries down to a sexy trail of sandalwood, moss, and tonka bean.

There’s no playing it safe with this fragrance. Paco Rabanne XS for Men is daring and adventurous, perfect for the modern man who wants to stand out from the crowd. It’s sophisticated yet rebellious, balancing elegance with raw magnetism. The striking cobalt blue bottle hints at the bold attitude within.

Top Notes

The top notes of Paco Rabanne XS for Men eau de toilette open with the crisp freshness of lemon, sage, and bergamot. The burst of citrus immediately catches your attention and energizes your senses. The herbaceous accent of sage adds an unexpected aromatic twist to the citrus. Bergamot’s tart yet sweet character shines through, giving the opening an effervescent vibrancy.

Heart Notes

As XS for Men evolves on your skin, the heart notes begin to unfurl. Cinnamon’s spicy heat mingles with the bite of black pepper to create an intoxicating rhythmic pulse. The rosewood note adds a creamy, woody richness that blends beautifully with the spices. A touch of fresh juniper berry punctuates the heart with its crisp, pine-like aroma.

Base Notes

XS settles into its sensual base notes of sandalwood, moss, and tonka bean. The creamy, woody undertones of sandalwood pair perfectly with the earthy nuances of oakmoss. Tonka bean lends the base a subtle sweetness with its rich, vanilla aroma. Together the base notes create an alluring trail that beckons those near you closer.

An Alluring Fragrance Full of Contrasts

Part of what makes Paco Rabanne XS for Men so intriguing is the interplay between contrasts. The citrus freshness brushing up against cinnamon’s heat. The elegance of rosewood meeting juniper’s raw edge. Sandalwood’s creaminess alongside the rugged earthiness of oakmoss. Tonka bean providing a touch of sweet to balance the spice. These contrasts mirror the complexity of the modern man.

When to Wear It

XS for Men’s bold sexy attitude makes it perfect for a night out. A few sprays before heading out to dinner or to a club will have you feeling confident and ready for the night ahead. While it shines at night, a lighter application works beautifully during the day as well. The fresh citrus notes give XS a vibrancy that energizes you for the work day.

Who It’s Best Suited For

This eau de toilette was made for the daring modern man who embraces his complexity. It has a rebellious edge, so it’s perfect for those who don’t necessarily like to follow trends but instead want to set them. XS for Men pairs well with leather jackets, bold printed shirts, and textured fabrics.

While suited for younger men, its sophisticated contrast of elegance and raw magnetism transcends age. Both young professionals and mature men can feel confident and sexy wearing XS.

About the House of Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is an iconic French luxury fashion and fragrance house known for pushing boundaries and being on the cutting-edge. It was founded in 1966 by the Spanish fashion designer Francisco “Paco” Raban y Cuervo who was known for his experimental and unconventional metal and plastic dresses.
This innovative approach was brought to the fragrance line as well. Paco Rabanne fragrances like 1 Million, Invictus, and XS for Men have become staples in men’s fragrance cabinets and are perfect for those with rebellious and progressive taste.

Bring the bold, sexy confidence of Paco Rabanne XS for Men into your fragrance wardrobe. This eau de toilette will have you standing out while staying true to your complexity. Click add to cart to get this alluring scent delivered right to your door.


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