Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette for Men – A Sophisticated Woody Aromatic Fragrance with Notes of Lemon, Lavender and Vetiver – 5 oz



Capture the imagination and ignite the senses with Paco Rabanne’s Phantom Eau de Toilette for Men. This groundbreaking woody aromatic fragrance opens with a burst of fresh lemon and green vetiver, transforming into an irresistible heart of creamy lavender and warm woods. Phantom is bold yet sophisticated – an innovative fragrance that bucks convention.

Top Notes of Italian Lemon and Haitian Vetiver

The top notes of Phantom Eau de Toilette unveil a bright, energizing blend of Italian lemon and grassy Haitian vetiver. The tart lemon adds a clean citrusy splash, instantly awakening the senses with its zesty scent. While the vetiver root extract from Haiti lends an invigorating freshness with its green, earthy aroma. Together these top notes create an exhilarating introduction.

Heart Notes of French Lavandin and Woody Vanilla

As Phantom Eau de Toilette evolves, the heart notes emerge with creamy French lavandin absolute and warm woody vanilla. Lavandin is a hybrid plant of spike lavender and true lavender, prized for its full floral aroma with hints of freshness. This lavandin absolute from Provence, France adds a sumptuous herbal creaminess. While the vanilla wood provides a sensual touch of sweet warmth. An alluring combination.

Base Notes of Ambroxan and Cedarwood

The base notes of Phantom Eau de Toilette complete the journey with Ambroxan, a synthetic musk, and Virginia cedarwood. Ambroxan adds a hint of animalistic sensuality with its subtly ambery scent. The Virginia cedarwood provides a masculine, woody depth. Together the base notes ground Phantom and enrich the fragrance.

Phantom’s Innovative Flask Bottle

As bold and sophisticated as the fragrance itself, Phantom Eau de Toilette comes in an innovative flask shaped bottle. The sleek, metallic blue curves are eye-catching and modern, with an elegant engraved Phantom logo. The spray nozzle is cleverly concealed at the top. This unexpected design mirrors the daring encounter of contrasts within the fragrance. Truly setting Phantom apart.

When to Wear this Sophisticated Scent

Phantom Eau de Toilette is ideal for day or night wear. The vibrant citrus and green notes make this an invigorating daytime fragrance for the office or weekends. While the blend of lavender, vanilla and woods gives Phantom sophistication perfect for a night out or special occasion. This versatile, woody aromatic fragrance transitions effortlessly from day to night.

Paco Rabanne’s Fragrance Legacy

Paco Rabanne’s innovative approach towards perfumery has made the French fashion house an industry icon. Born in 1934 in Spain, Rabanne started designing jewelry before expanding into fashion. The first fragrance released under his name was Calandre in 1969. Since then, Paco Rabanne has created iconic perfumes like 1 Million and Lady Million. Continuing the legacy, Phantom Eau de Toilette offers a contemporary take on Rabanne’s audacious style.

Ethically and Responsibly Sourced

Paco Rabanne prides itself on using only the finest responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients in its fragrances. For example, the vetiver in Phantom comes from a community project in Haiti that empowers local farmers. While the lemon hails from Italy and lavandin from Provence, France. You can feel good about indulging in this premium fragrance.

How to Apply

Apply Phantom Eau de Toilette in the morning or evening before going out. Start by spraying once or twice on the wrists or forearms. Then dab a little on the base of the throat and at the heart. You can also spray in the creases of your knees and elbows for a more intense long lasting scent. Let the fragrance fully develop on the warmth of your skin. Reapply as needed for freshness.

With its refreshing citrus opening and sensual woody base, Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette is a sophisticated aromatic fragrance that innovatively blends contrasting notes. The striking bottle reflects the daring, contemporary spirit of this men’s fragrance. Let Phantom inspire the imagination and ignite the senses.


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