Paco Rabanne One Million for Men Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz



Welcome to luxury and excess with Paco Rabanne’s iconic One Million fragrance for men. This bold, sophisticated scent pushes boundaries and exudes confidence with its sleek gold-bar bottle and intoxicating notes of spice, leather, and citrus.

A Fragrance That Makes a Statement

One Million demands attention whenever it enters a room. The fragrance combines fresh, sweet, and spicy notes to create an addictive signature aroma for the ambitious man. At the top, a burst of grapefruit, mint, and blood mandarin intermingle to form a bright, energizing opening. Pink pepper electrifies the scent as cardamom and spices add intrigue to the heart. Finally, the fragrance settles into sensual accords of leather, white wood, and ambergris. Altogether, One Million is vibrant, smooth, and sensual – perfection for the self-assured gentleman.

The One Million Man

The One Million man thrives on taking risks and living outside the box. He is determined to make his mark on the world and embraces his strengths and flaws alike with confidence. One Million reflects his dynamic mindset – fresh, complex, and forever intriguing. The fragrance empowers him to push boundaries and pursue his ambitions without limitation.

Top Notes

The top notes offer a bright, effervescent opening for One Million with bursts of grapefruit, mint, and blood mandarin. The blood mandarin adds a sweet citrus touch while the mint cools and refreshes the scent. Altogether, the top notes invigorate your senses and create an energizing first impression.

Heart Notes

Spices sizzle at the heart of One Million with accords of pink pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. The pink pepper electrifies the scent with its unique sharpness to keep the fragrance exciting. Warm cinnamon and cardamom add allure and mystery that unfolds over time. The spicy heart notes add dimension to the bright citrus opening.

Base Notes

The base notes ground One Million with sensual depth. As the fragrance settles, accords of leather, ambergris, and white wood emerge. Smooth leather and oceanic ambergris add an animalistic, skin-like quality that is utterly addictive. Creamy sandalwood softens the scent with its gentle woody aroma. Together, these accords create a smooth, sophisticated base.

How to Apply

Spray the Eau de Parfum onto pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest. Apply in the morning and refresh as needed throughout the day when you want to exude confidence and sensuality. The fragrance lasts for hours with moderate projection, allowing you to make an impression that lingers.

The Perfect Gift for Him

One Million makes a fantastic gift for the special men in your life. It’s ideal for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. The striking gold bottle also makes it perfect for display on a vanity or dresser. Spoil your loved one with the gift of luxury and self-assurance in a bottle.

Paco Rabanne’s Legacy of Innovation

Paco Rabanne has been setting trends since the 1960s when it burst onto the fashion scene. The brand is known for its bold, avant-garde designs andExperimental yet luxurious fragrances like One Million define the Paco Rabanne aesthetic. Inspired by the iconic gold ingots, One Million reinvents prestige for the modern, cosmopolitan man. Enjoy luxury without limits from this legendary fashion house.

One Million Cologne

Discover the award-winning One Million fragrance in a variety of luxurious products beyond the iconic Eau de Parfum, including:

  • One Million Cologne for a lighter, fresher take on the signature scent. Ideal for daily wear.
  • One Million Prive for a more intense and opulent version of the fragrance.
  • One Million Parfum for the ultimate indulgence. The highest concentration of the fragrance.

With different concentrations and flankers, you can find the perfect One Million to suit your personality and mood.


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