Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory For Him Eau De Parfum Extreme



Experience the thrill of victory with Paco Rabanne’s newest fragrance for men, Invictus Victory. This bold, masculine scent captures the exhilaration of triumph and the competitive spirit. Invictus Victory pushes boundaries and awakens the champion within.

Top Notes of Grapefruit and Blood Mandarin

The opening notes make a vibrant first impression with juicy grapefruit and rich blood mandarin. The grapefruit adds a bright, citrusy zest while the blood mandarin provides a sensual sweetness. This exhilarating combination evokes feelings of excitement and anticipation, like the moments leading up to the final play of the game.

Heart Notes of Clary Sage and Black Pepper

As the fragrance evolves, clary sage and black pepper emerge, creating a spicy, herbal heart. The clary sage delivers an earthy yet refreshing herbaceousness while the black pepper provides a burst of spiciness. Together they conjure up imagery of focus and determination, much like visualizing the win right before making a tough shot.

Base Notes of Cashmeran and Ambroxan

Finally, the base notes create depth and longevity for this eau de parfum extreme. Cashmeran wood and Ambroxan musk add a warm, creamy sensuality. The cashmeran’s smooth woody character blends with the Ambroxan’s skin-like muskiness for a luxurious Trail that lingers long after the thrill of victory. It’s the scent of hard-earned success.

An Eye-Catching Bottle Design

In keeping with the competitive spirit of Invictus Victory, the bottle features a bold, eye-catching design. The iconic Invictus bottle shape is encased in black instead of clear glass, giving it a mysterious, powerful aesthetic. The black cap and totem-inspired detailing add to the dramatic styling. It looks great displayed on your vanity or dresse.

When to Wear It

Invictus Victory was made for confident, ambitious men who play to win. The exhilarating scent profile makes it perfect for important occasions when you want to feel unstoppable. Spray it on before a big meeting, date night, or night out with friends to step up your game. The vibrant citrus and spicy woody notes project irresistible confidence and magnetism that gets you noticed. Feel like the champion you are when you wear Invictus Victory.

Paco Rabanne’s Fragrance Legacy

As one of the most influential houses in perfumery, Paco Rabanne has a rich heritage of iconic men’s fragrances. Invictus Victory joins the ranks of bestsellers like 1 Million and Invictus in creating bold, crowd-pleasing aromas. The house prizes innovation and contemporary creativity while still retaining that distinctive Paco Rabanne sophistication. With Invictus Victory, Paco Rabanne has once again achieved a winning fragrance formula for today’s ambitious gentleman.

Bring out your champion spirit with a bottle of the exhilarating new Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Eau de Parfum Extreme. This bold, competitive fragrance encapsulates the thrill of victory and what it means to play to win. The eye-catching bottle design looks great on display while the vibrant citrus and spicy woody notes announce your presence. Feel unstoppable when you wear Invictus Victory.


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