Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Eau de Parfum Extreme Spray for Men – Bold, Confident Scent with Fresh Marine Accords



Introducing the newest fragrance from Paco Rabanne’s acclaimed Invictus collection – Invictus Victory Eau de Parfum Extreme. This bold, confident scent is perfect for the driven, ambitious man who conquers life’s challenges and emerges victorious.

Top notes of fresh grapefruit and marine accords evoke feelings of the open ocean and new adventures waiting to be had. The fragrance’s heart features Invictus’ signature guaiac wood paired with vetiver and patchouli for an earthy, woody element. Finally, the base notes of ambergris, labdanum, and musk provide a sensual, skin-like foundation.

Overall, Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory EDP Extreme is a daring, masculine fragrance for the man who refuses to back down from any test of strength or willpower. It captures the thrill of hard-fought triumph and emerging as champion. Spray it on before heading out to dominate the boardroom, sports field, or any other competitive arena.

Fragrance Notes:

Top notes – Grapefruit, Marine Accords

Heart notes – Guaiac Wood, Vetiver, Patchouli

Base notes – Ambergris, Labdanum, Musk

Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory EDP Extreme is Ideal For:

  • All-day wear – long-lasting projection and performance
  • Daily casual wear
  • Work – gives confidence and drive
  • Athletic activities and sports
  • Date nights and special occasions

How to Apply this Eau de Parfum Spray:

For best results, start by spraying 1-2 times on your pulse points like the wrists, behind the ears, and sides of the neck. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the fragrance so you smell incredible all day or night. Reapply as needed to refresh. Be careful not to overspray as a little goes a long way.

The 1.7 oz bottle makes a great addition to your fragrance collection. Display it proudly on your bathroom counter or vanity. The bold black and gold bottle with Paco Rabanne’s signature column design looks sharp and sophisticated.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Fragrances:

Invictus Victory Extreme joins the popular Invictus line of fragrances for men by Paco Rabanne. Other famous Invictus editions include:

  • Invictus – Fresh, woody aromatic
  • Invictus Aqua – Marine, citrusy
  • Invictus Legend – Woody, spicy oriental
  • Invictus Onyx – Woody, fresh, amber

If you love fresh, confident scents, try Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory EDP Extreme today! It makes a fantastic gift for any occasion too.


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