Pacifica Lavender Moon Aromatherapy Body & Pillow Mist – Calming Lavender with Soothing Rose for Restful Sleep



Refresh and rejuvenate with the soft floral aromas of the Pacifica Lavender Moon Body and Pillow Mist. Let the soothing scents of lavender and rose relax your body and mind for a calming, restorative experience.

Breathe Deeply and Relax

Take a deep breath and inhale the calming aroma of fresh lavender infused with a hint of rose. This lightly scented body and linen spray will help create a relaxing environment so you can unwind and find tranquility.

The lovely lavender scent comes from the essential oil steam distilled from fresh lavender flowers. Lavender has long been prized for its relaxing and stress relieving properties. A hint of rose adds a soft, delicate floral layer to round out the aroma.

Spritz on skin, linens, pillows, yoga mats, and more to surround yourself with the peaceful aroma before sleep or anytime you want to feel soothed and calm.

All Skin Types

Formulated for all skin types, the gentle mist nourishes as it softens and relaxes. Hydrate and moisturize skin while indulging your senses. The soothing plant-powered aromatherapy scent will help lull you into a deep, restorative sleep.

Wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s rest. Spray on your sheets and pillows before bed to create a sleep sanctuary. The relaxing lavender and rose scent will calm your mind and allow your body to unwind, making it easier to fall asleep naturally.

Natural, Vegan Ingredients

Like all Pacifica perfumes and body care, the Lavender Moon Body and Pillow Mist is made with natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Formulated without parabens, phthalates or mineral oil.

The refreshing lavender aroma comes from pure essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. Relax and breathe easy knowing this body mist is ethically sourced and earth-conscious.

Uses for Lavender Moon Aromatherapy Mist

Keep a bottle on hand to mist anytime you want to relax and unwind. The Lavender Moon mist can be used in so many ways:

  • Spritz sheets, pillows, blankets for restful sleep
  • Mist yoga mat after practice for relaxation
  • Spray on wrists and pulse points as a natural perfume
  • Lightly mist towels before a soothing warm bath
  • Use as a linen spray to refresh sofa, chairs, curtains
  • Spritz inside shoes to refresh with each wear
  • Mist car interior on road trips when you need calm
  • Spray on your shirt or pillow to help lull baby to sleep
  • Use as a body spray after a shower for hydration
  • Spritz on dry skin for a burst of soothing aromatherapy

Keep a bottle handy by your bed, in the nursery, yoga room, car, or anywhere you want some aromatherapy relaxation.

Gift a Relaxing Experience

Share the gift of relaxation with friends and family. The Lavender Moon Aromatherapy Mist makes a thoughtful gift for:

  • New moms
  • Teachers
  • Stressed co-workers
  • Teen or college students during exams
  • Anyone who needs help unwinding

Treat them to sweet calming aromas and a peaceful night’s rest. Place the mist gift on a pillow or towel and pair it with a sleep mask, candles or other pampering gifts. Make it a relaxation gift basket!

Discover Pacifica for Natural Beauty

Pacifica offers a wide range of cruelty free, vegan beauty and self care products created with natural, nourishing ingredients. From perfumes to body care, Pacifica has beautiful aromatherapy products suited for all skin types.

Try other Pacifica Body Mists like Tuscan Blood Orange or Bali Lime Papaya to lift your mood and energize your senses. Pacifica also makes lotions, body washes, facial skin care, makeup and more.

Pamper yourself with the gentle, soothing aromas and clean ingredients of the Pacifica Lavender Moon Body and Pillow Mist. Relax, breathe deep and drift off to sleep with the calming scents of lavender and rose.


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