Outre Springy Afro Twist 24” Pre-twisted Synthetic Crochet Hair



Get ready to turn heads with the fabulously bouncy Outre Springy Afro Twist 24” Pre-twisted Synthetic Crochet Hair! This gorgeous crochet hair boasts soft, springy twists in a trendy 24 inch length that will give you flirty, fuller looking locks in an instant.

Outre is one of the leading brands for high quality crochet braids and extensions made with premium synthetics that look and feel incredibly natural. The pre-twisted crochet hair comes ready to install right out of the package so you can create chic protective styles in a fraction of the time. No more spending endless hours twisting and prepping hair!

Luscious Twist Out Texture

This crochet twist hair mimics the texture of a fluffy twist out hairstyle. The two strand twists have lots of volume and bounce to them so you can achieve a head full of tumbling spirals and curls. The thick, springy nature of the hair also helps hide any parts of your scalp for a seamless and natural finish.

Soft and Easy to Manage

Outre uses only the highest quality fibers so their crochet braids always feel incredibly soft and comfortable right away. The Springy Afro Twist 24” requires minimal maintenance thanks to the easy unravel-and-go styling. Just separate and fluff the twists as needed to refresh the style. There’s no need for setting lotions or heavy products with this hair!

Perfect Protective Style

Give your natural hair a break from styling and keep it protected under these springy crochet twists. The installation process is gentle on hair and allows you to moisturize and nourish your natural strands while hiding them away inside the twists. Taking a break from heat styling, tight braids and pulling hair too tightly helps promote growth and overall hair health.

Endless Styling Options

You can install the pre-twisted crochet braids in so many chic styles! Part them down the middle for a 70’s inspired shag, pull the front pieces back in chunky twists or cornrows, or embrace an all-over bohemian twist-out look. The 24 inch length is perfectly on-trend and frames the face beautifully. You’ll look gorgeous whether you’re dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual for daytime.


  • Brand: Outre
  • Product Name: Springy Afro Twist 24”
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Fiber: 100% Premium Synthetic
  • Texture: Pre-separated & pre-fluffed twists
  • Packaging: 1 pack
  • Color Shown: 1B (Off Black)
  • Maintenance: Low – simply separate & fluff

How to Install:

Installing crochet twists is a quick and easy process! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Section your natural hair into squares. The size of the sections will depend on how full you want the look.
  2. Secure your natural hair by cornrowing straight back or into a beehive pattern.
  3. Take a crochet needle and thread one twist through the loop end. Pull the hair through the cornrow base.
  4. Knot or latch hook the twist in place. Make sure it is secure but not too tight.
  5. Repeat around your head until all hair is installed.
  6. Separate, fluff and style the crochet hair as desired!

The pre-twisted design means you can install a head full of gorgeous crochet twists in just a couple hours max. Remove them at night and your natural hair stays protected and neat underneath.


How long does the crochet hair last?

With proper care, your crochet twists can last 4-6 weeks. Using a silk scarf at night helps maintain the style.

How do I maintain the hair?

Simply separate and fluff the spirals daily. Use a light foam or mousse to refresh the style as needed. Gently wash every 1-2 weeks.

Is the crochet hair pre-stretched?

Yes, the twists come pre-separated and fluffed so they look natural right away.

Can the hair be re-used?

Yes, you can reuse the crochet hair 2-3 times if it is cared for properly between installations.

Ready for Carefree, Voluminous Locks?

Outre’s Springy Afro Twist 24” Pre-Twisted Synthetic Crochet Hair takes the work out of getting full, flirty twists. With the pre-separated, fluffy spirals you can quickly install a head-turning protective style that makes a statement. Enjoy bouncing curls without the damage of constant manipulation and styling on your natural hair. Try the Outre Springy Afro Twist 24” today!


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