Oud Wonder Unisex Luxury Perfume – Sophisticated Woody Oud Scent for Men and Women



Experience the wonder of oud with Oud Wonder, a unisex eau de parfum that captivates with its rich, exotic woody notes. This luxurious fragrance opens with vibrant cardamom and spicy Sichuan pepper, giving way to the warm, smoky depth of prized oud wood. Precious rosewood adds a subtle sensuality, while vanilla, vetiver, tonka bean and amber provide a sophisticated oriental base.

Oud Wonder is crafted with only the finest rare ingredients for a truly exceptional scent profile. The star is none other than oud, also known as agarwood – one of the most precious, sought-after raw materials in perfumery. Formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with mold, oud has an unmistakable deep, earthy aroma that is hugely prized in Middle Eastern cultures.

In Oud Wonder, the distinctive oud note is beautifully balanced by the spice of cardamom, a warmth and creaminess from vanilla, vetiver’s green, woodsy vibrancy, the sweetness of tonka bean and the golden glow of amber accord. This makes for an enveloping, almost addictive fragrance that reveals new nuances with every wear. Sophisticated yet easy to enjoy, it’s ideal for men and women alike.

Key Features:

  • Top notes of cardamom and Sichuan pepper
  • Heart notes of oud wood, rosewood, vanilla and vetiver
  • Base notes of tonka bean and amber
  • Luxurious unisex fragrance for men and women
  • Showcases rare and precious oud wood
  • Perfect balance of warm, spicy and woody oriental notes
  • 80ml/2.7fl oz bottle
  • Ideal for special occasions and evenings out
  • Sophisticated signature scent for understated luxury
  • Makes a great gift for scent aficionados

An Enchanting Scent Journey

The adventure begins with an electrifying duo of cardamom and Sichuan pepper. Cardamom’s fresh, camphorous aroma mingles deliciously with the tingling spice of Sichuan pepper, creating an exciting opening full of vim and vigor. Adding subtle sweetness is rosewood, known as “oud musk” for its rich floral-woodsy character reminiscent of oud itself. The rosewood note leads seamlessly into oud’s unmistakable presence in the fragrance’s heart.

Here the star oud note can be fully appreciated in all its dark, beguiling splendor. Earthy, woody, with smoky hints of tobacco and leather, oud’s complexity captivates the senses. Complementing it beautifully is the honeyed creaminess of vanilla absolute and verdant flare of vetiver’s grassy green essence.

Finally, the fragrance dries down to an oriental base of balsamic tonka bean and warm amber accord. This lends a sensual rounding out of the composition, with a subtle sweetness that caresses the lingering oud. Mysterious and strangely addictive, Oud Wonder makes an alluring choice for romantic evenings as well as everyday wear.

How to Apply

Oud Wonder is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Apply sparingly to pulse points like the wrists, sides of the neck and d├ęcolletage for best results. The warmth of the skin will help the perfume blossom and project beautifully. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent throughout the day or night.

Why Choose Oud Wonder?

For the man or woman who seeks out rare and unusual fragrances, Oud Wonder makes a sophisticated addition to any perfume wardrobe. Hard-to-source oud wood is prized for its exquisite, multi-layered scent profile, and Oud Wonder showcases its finest nuances. Surrounding it with equally precious ingredients creates an opulent oriental fragrance that intrigues and delights.

From the striking bottle to the evocative scent within, Oud Wonder speaks to refined tastes. It makes a thoughtful gift for perfume connoisseurs, or a special treat for yourself. Discover the wonder of oud today.


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