OUAI Fine Hair Conditioner – Lightweight Hydration for Silky Soft, Bouncy Locks



Give your fine hair the TLC it deserves with the OUAI Fine Hair Conditioner. This lightweight yet ultra-nourishing formula helps strengthen and volumize limp, fragile strands while delivering major softness and shine. Skip the heavy conditioners that weigh your hair down and go for this moisture-boosting wonder that actually pumps up the body.

The Struggle is Real for Fine Hair

Girls with fine hair know the frustrations all too well. Limp, flat hair that falls flat minutes after styling. Strands so delicate they get wrecked by heat tools. Lackluster locks that lack body and bounce. Dryness and frizziness from over-washing. It’s a constant battle to make fine hair look and feel its best. This unique conditioner helps you win the war against unruly, lifeless hair.

Packed with Fine Hair Heroes

This conditioner may be lightweight, but it’s loaded with hardworking ingredients that transform the look and feel of fine hair.

Keratin amino acids penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen and repair damage from the inside out. Biotin B-vitamins thicken wispy strands while adding shine and softness. Chia seed oil, rich in fatty acids, provides intense hydration that doesn’t weigh hair down. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein coats the cuticle for protection against breakage and split ends. Each ingredient works in synergy to leave hair bouncy, voluminous and silky smooth.

How to Use

After shampooing with OUAI Fine Shampoo, apply this conditioner to wet hair from the mid-shaft to ends. Let it soak in for 1-2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For extra moisture, wrap hair in a towel for 5 minutes before styling as usual. This lightweight formula means you can load up on conditioner without worrying about residue or greasiness.

Say Goodbye to Greasy Residue

Unlike many conditioners made for fine hair, this formula doesn’t leave behind a heavy, greasy feel. It hydrates without weighing your hair down, meaning no more flat, lifeless locks. This cleaner, residue-free conditioning experience allows you to condition daily without buildup.

Gentle Botanical Cleansers

Most conditioners rely on cheap fillers and irritating sulfates to cleanse hair. This formula uses gentle coconut-derived cleansers to wash away dirt and oil without stripping the hair. The botanical cleansing agents provide a light lather that rinses clean, leaving hair perfectly prepped for styling.

Safe for Color-Treated Hair

If you color or chemically treat your fine hair, you can breathe easy. This conditioner is free of harsh salts and alkalis that cause color fade. The soothing formula maintains vibrant color while preventing dryness and damage.

Nourish Your Scalp Too!

Don’t just condition your strands—give your scalp some TLC too. Apply a small amount to the roots and massage it in. The natural oils will hydrate your scalp, helping nourish hair follicles for faster growth. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

Good Stuff Only

Like all OUAI products, this conditioner skips sketchy ingredients in favor of good-for-you botanicals. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and other nasties. We only use the highest quality ingredients that benefit your hair and health. The earth-friendly formula also comes in recycled packaging.

The Perfect Sidekick

For best results, use this conditioner with the OUAI Fine Shampoo. The gentle cleansing shampoo removes oil and buildup without zapping moisture, prepping hair perfectly to absorb the nourishing conditioner. The dynamic duo works together to pump up hydration and volume.

An Effortless Routine

Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist and founder of OUAI, got tired of high-maintenance products that disrupted her daily routine. She created a line that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle with minimal effort. This lightweight conditioner saves you time and energy on busy mornings. Just apply, rinse and go!

Take Your Hair from Blah to Bombshell

Ditch the dry, damaged hair and say hello to hydrated, voluminous locks. This conditioner transforms limp strands into a head of hair that bounces with body and life. The nourishing botanicals strengthen weak follicles while softening the cuticle for silkiness. Fine hair requires special care—give it what it craves with this fortifying formula.

Experience salon-quality hair at home with this celebrity-stylist approved conditioner. Bring out your inner bombshell with soft, strong and shiny strands! Your flat, fragile hair will thank you.


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