OUAI Beach Wave Spray for Effortless Textured Hair



Get ready to embrace your inner beach babe with OUAI’s Wave Spray. This magic-in-a-bottle gives you gorgeous, natural-looking beach waves in minutes, no trip to the ocean required. The lightweight mist adds the perfect amount of texture, body, and shine to your locks for that effortlessly chic, undone look we all covet.

Unlike salt sprays that can dry out hair, OUAI’s formula contains nourishing rice protein to enhance waves while keeping your strands soft and hydrated. Simply mist it onto damp or dry hair, scrunch a little with your hands, and let your inner mermaid shine through.

Wave Hello to Perfect Beachy Texture

Have you ever wondered how those cool girls on Instagram get that breezy, beach-to-street style? Now you can unlock the secret. OUAI Wave Spray makes it easy to look like you just took a dip in the ocean. Even better, you can customize the amount of waves and texture to match your mood.

Lightly mist mid-lengths to ends for a subtle, tousled effect. Or amp it up by spritzing all over damp hair and scrunching vigorously with your hands for sexy, bedhead texture from root to tip. The lightweight formula won’t leave hair crunchy or stiff, just soft, touchable waves that last all day.

Run your fingers through your hair and feel that irresistible texture. So kiss frizz goodbye and say hello to hair that makes a statement.

Nourishing Ingredients That Get the Job Done

OUAI Wave Spray relies on smart ingredients, not harsh salts, to get the job done. Rice protein gives your hair a wave-enhancing boost while also conditioning and strengthening strands. Meanwhile, a marine extract complex adds body and shine while taming frizz.

The formula is also infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein to reinforce hair’s structure and help prevent breakage. So you get touchable texture minus the dry, brittle feel of many sea salt sprays. Even color- and keratin-treated hair is safe.

This nourishing approach sets OUAI apart. The brand believes in combining good-for-you ingredients with time-saving, simplified routines. Because who has time for a 10-step hair regimen every day? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

How to Use

Using OUAI Wave Spray is almost criminally easy:

Start with clean, damp (not soaking wet) hair. Spritz liberally from mid-lengths to ends while scrunching.
Focus on your inner pearls (aka the under layers of your hair) to build texture.
Air dry or diffuse using a diffuser attachment for best waves.
Once dry, break up your waves with fingers for that cool, undone look.
For more texture, mist onto dry hair and scrunch.
Pro tip: Cock your head upside down while scrunching for extra volume at the roots.

Customize the formula to your hair’s needs. For subtle texture, use one light mist. But if you want va-va-voom volume, spray liberally and scrunch to your heart’s content. Play with different amounts to find your perfect beach wave.

Winning Hair, the OUAI

OUAI (pronounced “way”) founders Jen Atkin and Kim Kardashian know a thing or two about rocking sexy, bombshell hair. As a celebrity hairstylist, Jen has worked her magic backstage at fashion shows, on photo shoots, and on the red carpet. She created OUAI to offer her star-quality tips and products to us all.

The brand celebrates the French way of beauty: simple, classic, timeless. OUAI captures that je ne sais quoi Parisian chic through luxurious textures, invigorating scents, and quick no-fuss routines.

By combining proven results with self-care, OUAI gives us the confidence to say “oui!” to the lives we want.

So don’t wait another minute to embrace your inner cool girl. With OUAI Wave Spray, you’re just a spritz away from bombshell beach texture. Now toss your hair, and say “oui!” to all life has to offer. The waves – and compliments – will keep on coming.


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