Oster Premium Clipper and Blade Lubricant – Keep Your Clippers Running Like New



Clipper maintenance is incredibly important for professional hairstylists and barbers. Dull blades lead to irritation, pulling, and an unsatisfactory haircut. That’s why stylists trust Oster clipper oil to keep blades sharp and running smoothly cut after cut. Oster Premium Blade Lube extends the life of your blades and ensures a flawless, irritation-free cut every time.

Specially Formulated for Professional Quality Clippers and Trimmers

Oster Premium Blade Lube is a non-detergent, pure lube designed for professional-quality cutting tools. The four-ounce bottle provides a large supply to cover all the clippers in your shop. A little goes a long way in keeping metal surfaces smooth and friction-free.

Prolongs the Sharpness and Efficiency of Cutting Blades

All metal blades require proper oiling to maintain their precision cutting edges. Friction causes microscopic imperfections that degrade sharpness. Heat builds up, making the blades drag and pull. Oster Premium Blade Lube penetrates between the fine teeth of blades to prevent friction and overheating. Your clippers will run cooler, smoother, and stay sharp for longer.

Apply While Blades Are in Motion for Optimal Coverage

The best time to apply Oster Premium Blade Lube is while the blades are running. Turn your clippers on and hold the lubricant bottle close to the moving blades. The centrifugal motion draws the lubricant deep between the teeth for optimal penetration. Run the clippers until the blades appear uniformly wet but not dripping. Buff with a clean cloth and you’re ready for incredibly smooth, irritation-free cutting.

High Standards of Purity and Quality

Oster only uses the highest grade ingredients that meet FDA purity standards for cosmetic care products. The mineral oil formula is non-irritating and gentle for use on all hair types. It contains no added fragrances, dyes, or harsh chemicals. Oster Premium Blade Lube is safe for you, your blades, and your clients.

The Brand Stylists Trust for Clipper Reliability

With over 100 years as a leading clipper manufacturer, Oster knows what stylists need to keep their tools performing perfectly. From high-end salon models to budget clippers, Oster has the right lubricant for all your trimmers and blades. Stylists can trust the Oster name for high-performance cutting tools backed by premium lubricants.

Get More Life from Your Investment in Quality Clippers

Quality clippers represent a significant investment for stylists. Don’t throw money away by neglecting proper blade care. Extend the longevity of your clippers and trimmers with regular lubrication using Oster Premium Blade Lube. Keep the blades running cool and sharp, just like the first day you used them.

Easy to Use for Fast Maintenance Between Clients

You don’t have time for complicated blade maintenance routines between clients. Oster Premium Blade Lube makes it easy to prep your tools in no time at all. Just turn the clipper on, apply the lubricant to the moving blades, buff briefly and you’re ready for the next haircut. It’s fast, convenient upkeep you can trust.

Provides Smooth, Comfortable Cuts Client After Client

Nothing disappoints a client more than painful, tugging cuts from dull blades. Oster Premium Blade Lube conditions your tools to deliver flawless, irritation-free cuts that keep clients coming back. Your reputation depends on providing quality, consistent services. Don’t lose customers due to clipper problems solved by proper lubricating oil.

Trusted by Professionals for Over 100 Years

From barbershops to high-end salons, stylists know they can rely on Oster clippers and blade care products. The Oster name has been trusted by professionals for generations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re using a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for busy stylists.

Don’t risk clipper damage or unsatisfied clients from lack of maintenance. Order Oster Premium Blade Lube today and keep your cutting tools running in peak condition every time you shear.


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