Oscar by Oscar de la Renta Eau de Toilette Spray for Women – Fresh Floral Scent with Notes of Orange Blossom and Gardenia



Transport yourself to a garden in full bloom with Oscar by Oscar de la Renta Eau de Toilette Spray for Women. This iconic women’s perfume, launched in 1977, envelops you in femininity with its blend of floral and citrus notes.

The top notes burst open with the vibrant freshness of orange blossom, basil, coriander, galbanum, peach, and gardenia. The heart notes bloom with the soft richness of ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, rose, rosemary, cyclamen, lavender, and orchid. Finally, the base notes leave a warm, sensual trail with opoponax, carnation, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, and amber.

With just a spritz, you’ll be wrapped in an ethereal floral bouquet that is utterly romantic. The luminous gardenia and orange blossom notes sparkle brightly, while the tuberose and ylang-ylang add a hypnotic, creamy richness. As it dries down, earthy patchouli and woods provide a sensual depth. This perfume is ultra-feminine and romantic, evoking feelings of tenderness and intimacy.

An Iconic Women’s Fragrance from an Acclaimed Fashion Designer

Oscar de la Renta needs no introduction in the world of fashion and fragrance. The Dominican designer built an internationally renowned brand synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and femininity. Launched in 1977, Oscar was his very first fragrance creation.

It was an immediate success and has stood the test of time to become an iconic women’s perfume. For over four decades, women across generations have turn to Oscar when they want to feel beautiful, confident, and captivating.

When to Wear this Timeless Floral Perfume

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is a gorgeous daytime perfume that works year-round. The luminous white florals give it a spring-like freshness perfect for warm weather. Yet it also has enough richness from the woods and balsamic notes to wear even in cooler months.

It’s an elegant choice for the office when you want to exude confidence and professionalism. The floral notes are uplifting and romantic, ideal for a first date when you want to make an unforgettable impression. Oscar also shines for bridal parties, garden parties, baby showers, and any special daytime event.

How to Apply Oscar Eau de Toilette

Oscar de la Renta’s Eau de Toilette concentration provides longevity while still feeling light and airy. Follow these tips when applying:

Apply to clean, dry skin to help the fragrance last longer. Moisturize before spritzing.

Spray on pulse points like the wrists, neck, and d├ęcolletage. These areas radiate warmth to let the perfume bloom.

Don’t rub wrists together, as this can crush the notes. Let the mist air dry instead.

Reapply as needed, such as after washing hands. Eau de Toilette scents tend to last 4-6 hours.

Pair with the matching Oscar de la Renta body lotion for soft, scented skin.

Oscar de la Renta Perfume Notes

Top Notes:

Orange Blossom: Fresh, citrusy, and romantic
Basil: Herbaceous and aromatic
Coriander: Warm, spicy, and rich
Galbanum: Crisp, green, and earthy
Peach: Juicy, fruity, and sweet
Gardenia: Luminous, creamy, and intoxicating
Heart Notes:

Ylang-Ylang: Sweet, heady, and narcotic
Jasmine: Intoxicatingly rich and floral
Tuberose: Seductive, creamy, and opulent
Rose: Timeless, elegant, utterly feminine
Rosemary: Herbaceous, invigorating, clean
Cyclamen: Sweet, powdery, charmingly retro
Lavender: Calming, herbaceous, aromatic
Orchid: Delicate, exotic, and sensual
Base Notes:

Opoponax: Sweet, earthy balsamic resin
Carnation: Spicy, powdery, quintessentially floral
Patchouli: Earthy, rich, and slightly spicy
Sandalwood: Smooth, creamy wood with a sensual edge
Lavender: Brings an herbal aroma
Amber: Provides a warm, vanillic richness

An Elegant Floral Fragrance in an Iconic Bottle

The architectural glass bottle has become synonymous with Oscar de la Renta fragrances. Its clean lines and minimalist style allow the radiant pink juice to shine. A gold-tone cap engraved with Oscar’s signature pulls the look together with uptown polish.

Standing proud in your perfume collection, it makes a sophisticated statement on your vanity. The eye-catching pink hue evokes femininity, romance, and glamour.

Experience the Captivating Allure of Oscar

Surround yourself in beauty and confidence with each spritz of Oscar by Oscar de la Renta Eau de Toilette for Women. Let its luminous white florals and sensual woods transport you to a place that is utterly romantic. With sophistication that endures decade after decade, Oscar is a timeless fragrance for women of all ages.


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