Orientica Amber Rouge for Women Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.7 Ounce (Luxury Collection)



Step into the spotlight with the bold, spicy and sexy fragrance of Orientica Amber Rouge. This luxurious eau de parfum encapsulates everything you want when you’re ready to turn heads and make an entrance.

Top Notes of Jasmine and Saffron

The fragrance opens with sparkling top notes of jasmine and saffron. Jasmine lends its sweet, floral aroma while saffron provides a hint of spice. Together these top notes create an intoxicating introduction.

Heart Notes of Amber Wood and Ambergris

As the fragrance evolves, it reveals rich heart notes of amber wood and ambergris. The amber wood note adds a warm, ambery nuance along with subtle woody undertones. Ambergris, derived from whale secretions, offers a sweet, musky richness. These middle notes create depth and sensuality.

Base Notes of Fir Resin and Cedarwood

Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance with the deep, earthy scents of fir resin and cedarwood. The fir resin provides a subtle balsamic, pine-like aroma while the cedarwood offers a sophisticated, woody character. Together these base notes give lasting power and intrigue.

A Fragrance That Makes a Statement

This dynamic fragrance composition evolves throughout the day. The top notes grab your attention with their effervescent flair. As the heart notes emerge, a moodier, more mesmerizing scent unfolds. Finally, the base notes lend a confident, magnetic appeal.

When to Wear It

Orientica Amber Rouge is specially crafted for nights out when you want to be bold and captivating. It’s an evening fragrance that commands attention whether you’re at the theater, a cocktail party or an elegant dinner. Let this alluring scent help you shine.

The Artistry of Orientica

Orientica prides itself on crafting fragrances inspired by the richness of the Orient. Our master perfumers carefully select rare, luxurious ingredients to formulate captivating scents. We call each fragrance a journey – one that evokes exotic locales filled with beauty, passion and mystique.

A Sophisticated Addition to Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Keep your fragrance wardrobe exciting by adding new scents for different occasions. Amber Rouge makes a sophisticated choice when you want to feel confident, elegant and intriguing. Let this fragrance help express your most dynamic, sensual side.

Uplifting Gold and Crimson Bottle

The beautiful bottle exemplifies the amber glow of the fragrance within. The sleek gold and crimson design evokes luxury and passion. It looks elegant on your vanity and feels wonderful in your hand.

A Fragrance Built to Last

While many fragrances fade after just a few hours, Amber Rouge is specially crafted to last. The rich base notes provide staying power so you can enjoy luxurious scent from morning to night.

Ideal for Evening Use

Apply Amber Rouge lightly before an evening out to surround yourself with its captivating aura all night long. The warmth of the fragrance beautifully complements elegant attire. Let it set the mood for a sophisticated, romantic evening.

A Unique Gift

The striking bottle makes Amber Rouge the ideal fragrance gift. Present it to someone special to introduce them to the world of Orientica’s rich, mysterious fragrances. The recipient will think of you each time they wear this warm, spicy scent.

Complete Your Collection

Amber Rouge joins Orientica’s Luxury Fragrance Collection which allows you to experience a range of unique fragrance journeys. Try other offerings like the fresh Natura Pure or the fruity Rose Divine to find new signature scents.

Luxury within Reach

While Amber Rouge delivers a luxurious scent experience, it comes at an attainable price point. Now you can enjoy a high-quality fragrance without the high-end price tag. Spritz on this affordable luxury whenever you want to feel like a million bucks.

Experience the magic of Amber Rouge. Its play of rich, mysterious notes creates an unforgettable impression perfect for evenings out. Let this Oriental inspired fragrance infuse you with the intrigue, passion and elegance of far-off exotic locales.


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