Omszte 100 Pack Baby Hair Ties – Multicolor Seamless Cotton Toddler Hair Bands for Girls



Give your little princess the gift of glamour with this adorable 100 pack of Omszte baby hair ties! As a parent, you know the struggle of finding hair accessories that are gentle enough for your toddler’s fine hair. These hair ties are specially designed with babies in mind, made from soft seamless cotton that is comfortable on sensitive scalps. Forget about painful tugging, tangling and breakage with these damage-free elastics.

Gentle Cotton Material Protects Delicate Hair

Toddler hair is super fragile and needs to be handled with care. That’s why these Omszte hair ties are constructed using flexible cotton material that is soft to the touch. The seamless design prevents snagging, tangling or pinching of the hair. As your little one moves around throughout the day, you can rest assured these gentle elastics won’t rip out strands or cause irritating friction. They keep hair comfortably in place without any pulling, damage or discomfort.

Stretchy & Durable for All-Day Hold

Don’t be fooled by the soft cotton feel – these toddler ponytail holders have plenty of stretch and staying power! The elastic rubber band woven inside each tie provides excellent flexibility and bounce-back. Once stretched around a hairstyle, the hair tie will hold shape all day long without sagging. No more dealing with loose pigtail sticking out or lopsided ponytails. These elastics may be gentle, but they have the strong grip little ones need as they run, jump and play.

Vibrant Colors for Stylish Looks

Available in a fun assortment of 10 vibrant shades, these Omszte hair ties will add a pop of color to any toddler hairstyle. Use a single color for a coordinated look or mix and match colors for a creative, fashionable look. Red, pink, purple, green, blue, orange, yellow, white, black and brown – with so many options, you can accessorize your little girl’s outfit and style. Dress her up in pigtails, braids, buns and ponytails with colorful elastics that show off her bright personality.

Ideal Hair Accessory for Toddlers

Toddler hair ties need to check off a lot of boxes – gentle, durable, easy to use and cute. These Omszte elastics meet all criteria perfectly with their kid-friendly design:

  • Soft, seamless cotton material is comfortable on sensitive scalp
  • Flexible rubber band provides secure hold without pulling or tangling
  • Vibrant assorted colors for coordinating any outfit
  • Ideal size for grabbing little strands of hair
  • Jar with screw-on lid keeps ties neatly together

Give your toddler a full set of hair accessories with this pack of 100 elastics. With so many on hand, you’ll always have cute coordinated hair ties ready for any occasion. Daily use, special events, holidays, vacations – these hair bands have you covered all year round. Save time and money with this budget-friendly multi-pack.

Matches All Hair Types

No more struggled styling sessions trying to get slippery fine hair to stay up. These non-slip toddler ponytail holders have excellent grip and the perfect diameter to grab every strand. Short or long, curly or straight, thick or fine – these hair ties work wonders on all hair types. The smooth cotton material adds just the right friction to keep styles locked in place. Finally tame unruly baby hair into the adorable looks you envision without a million bobby pins.

Gift Your Little Princess Self-Expression

Let your little diva embrace her creativity and show off her personality with fun hairstyles. Give her the freedom of independence to change up her look whenever she wants. Simply switch the color and placement of these hair ties to transform her style from day to night. With this accessory pack in her collection, she’ll have the tools to explore different hairstyles that make her feel beautiful inside and out. Help build her confidence with glam baby hair bands that complete any outfit.

Designed for Little Hands

Toddlers love playing dress up like mommy, but their little fingers can’t manage grown-up sized hair elastics. Stop the frustration of your tot constantly asking for help styling her hair. These pint-sized 0.85 inch Omszte toddler ponytail holders are designed for small hands to manage independently. Your young stylist can snap them on and off with ease all by herself, let her imagination run wild.

Cute & Convenient Storage

Keep these toddler hair accessories neat and organized with the included jar storage container. The clear plastic lets kids “shop” for the perfect color while the screw-top lid prevents spills in between use. No more digging through messy drawers or losing elastics in the car. This portable jar even makes for the perfect little girl gift – just add a bow!


  • Quantity: 100 toddler hair ties
  • Material: Seamless cotton
  • Dimensions: Diameter 0.85 inches
  • 10 Vibrant Colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Brown
  • Durable rubber band inside
  • Includes jar container for storage

Give your toddler the perfect hair accessory with this 100 pack assortment of Omszte baby hair bands. The soft cotton material provides non-damaging hold while the lively colors let her show off her unique style. Click Add to Cart now to treat your little princess to accessories made just for her!


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