Old Spice High Hold Hair Styling Putty for Men – Matte Finish and Coconut Scent – 2.22 oz



Achieve strong, sculpted hairstyles that last all day with the Old Spice High Hold Hair Styling Putty. This top-rated men’s styling product provides a powerful hold to lock your hair into place, while leaving a natural, matte finish without any crunchy residue or greasy shine. Get salon-quality style and hold in a fraction of the time!

The unique formula is enriched with coconut oil and tropical essences to nourish hair, control frizz, and leave behind an alluring summer scent as you style. A little bit goes a long way – simply work a small amount between your palms and fingers, then distribute evenly throughout damp or dry hair. Sculpt, spike, wave, or slick your strands into any style you desire. The putty continues working throughout the day to keep your hair in place exactly how you styled it, even through busy days at the office or adventures outdoors.

When it’s time to restyle or wash it out, Old Spice Putty rinses out easily with just water. No harsh sulfates or waxes that strip your hair are used in the formula. Say goodbye to stiff, flaky pomades that leave a white, waxy buildup behind – this putty is flake-free and perfect for all hair types and textures. Experience the superior sculpting ability and hold Old Spice is known for. Your hair will look and smell amazing!

Sculpt Any Style for All-Day Hold

If your active lifestyle demands flexible, movable hold that lasts, this hair putty is your new secret weapon. Use it to create any style – from neatly combed sophistication to an edgy, tousled look.

  • Sculpt waves, height and texture
  • Smooth flyaways and control frizz
  • Spike and style fauxhawks or pompadours
  • Sweep hair off the face
  • Style short to medium length hair

The coconut oil-enriched formula provides a soft, pliable hold that lets you rework your hair as needed. There’s no crispy shell or sticky residues getting in the way of your styling creativity. Yet the hold is secure enough for your hair to stay in place, nourished and frizz-free.

Matte Finish for a Natural, Understated Look

Say no to dry, flaky pomades that leave behind a shiny, greased-up finish. Old Spice High Hold Putty has a lightweight texture that disappears into hair strands to deliver a naturally matte look and feel.

The matte finish is perfect for today’s refined yet laidback styles. No one will guess you’re holding your hair in place with a top-notch styling product – your hair will look and feel clean, natural and healthy thanks to the non-greasy putty formula.

Tropical Essences Provide an Alluring Scent

Escape to island vibes with the exotic coconut and tropical wood scent infused in every jar. The tropical fragrance profile is subtle yet distinctive enough to set you apart from the crowd.

As you apply and sculpt your hair, the pleasant scent adds to the luxurious, spa-like experience. The scent stays with you instead of overwhelming those around you. You’ll be transported to paradise with just a whiff of your styled hair.

Salon-Quality Results from a Brand You Can Trust

Take your hair game to the next level and style like a pro with Old Spice High Hold Hair Putty, formulated to deliver barbershop-quality results. This top-selling brand pioneered many of the men’s grooming products we know and love today.

For over 80 years, Old Spice has crafted innovative formulations to make men feel confidently handsome with superior holding power. This putty joins their lineup of expert hair styling products designed specifically for how men style their hair.

Experience the sculpting ability trusted by barbers worldwide. Old Spice High Hold Putty helps seal your style for the day ahead.

Key Benefits:

  • Strong hold locks hair in place all day
  • Matte finish leaves hair looking natural
  • Coconut oil nourishes and controls frizz
  • Tropical scent provides an alluring fragrance
  • Flake-free formula rinses out easily
  • No greasy residue or sticky buildup
  • Touchable hair with movable hold
  • Salon-quality results for all hair types
  • From a top men’s styling brand

How to Use

Apply to clean, damp or dry hair. Work a small amount between your palms to warm and soften the putty.
Evenly distribute putty throughout your hair, using your fingers to sculpt, spike, wave, or slick strands into place. Apply lightly for a subtle hold or use more product for an extreme style.
For best results, blow dry hair into place after applying putty. The heat activates and sets the hold.
Style and restyle throughout the day as needed. You can rewet hair to reshape and continue sculpting.
When ready to wash, the putty rinses out easily with just water. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much product should I use?

Start with a pea-sized amount and add more as needed. A little bit goes a long way, especially if you have shorter hair. Warm it up in your hands before applying.

Can I use this styling putty on curly hair?

Yes! The coconut oil in the formula helps define curls and control frizz. Use it to reduce frizz, add texture, shape curls, or give your curls a soft hold. Apply sparingly and scrunch into hair.

Is this putty good for thick, coarse hair?

Absolutely. The pliable formula lets you mold and sculpt thick hair into any style. Apply to dry hair and use your fingers to evenly distribute through your hair’s full length, adding lift and hold. The natural matte finish avoids making thick hair look greasy.

How does the hold of this putty compare to a gel or wax?

It has a medium to strong hold, more than a gel but less rigid than a heavy wax or pomade. Your hair still feels natural and touchable, not stiff or crunchy. It’s great for styles that need all-day hold yet remain movable and reworkable.

Will this product dry out my hair?

No, it actually nourishes hair as you use it! The coconut oil conditions and improves shine without oils or waxes that can dry hair out. The formula is non-comedogenic and rinses out cleanly.

What is the shelf life of the putty?

It will stay fresh for 2-3 years when stored properly at room temperature. A little goes a long way since you need such a small amount per use.

Try it Risk-Free!

We back this premium men’s hair styling putty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Experience the superior sculpting ability and reliable hold for yourself. If for any reason you don’t love it, return it for a full refund or replacement.

Add this hair putty to your grooming routine for salon styles that last. Pick up a jar today and watch your hair game transform!


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