Old Spice Hair Pomade – Tame Your Style with the Best Hold That Won’t Flake or Shine



Keep your hairstyle looking sharp and refined all day long with the Old Spice Hair Styling Pomade. This medium-hold pomade gives you the perfect amount of control to sculpt, shape and tame even the most stubborn strands without being too stiff or crunchy. Say goodbye to flyaways and stay looking suave from morning ’til night.

The Old Spice Hair Pomade glides onto hair smoothly and evenly. Simply scoop out a fingertip amount and work it through damp or dry hair, sweeping strands into the look you want. The creamy formula doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, yet provides just the right hold to keep your style in place. Unlike cheaper pomades that lose their grip after a few hours, this one maintains a flexible hold that lasts all day without reapplication.

What really sets the Old Spice Hair Pomade apart is its zero-shine finish. Many pomades leave behind a greasy, wet sheen that looks more slick than sophisticated. This matte finish pomade contains micro-waxes that coat each strand to keep them aligned without any unwanted shine or greasiness. Your hair looks naturally stylish, not plastered down.

The lightweight texture also prevents flakes. Some pomades are so thick and waxy that they leave behind embarrassing white residue. This pomade contains emollients that condition hair and won’t flake or build up. Even if you reapply throughout the day as needed, your hair will remain flake-free.

In addition to hold and matte finish, the Old Spice Hair Pomade offers the refreshing scent of coconut, citrus and tropical woods. The pleasant fragrance isn’t overpowering but subtle enough to surround you with tropical vibes. Who said you had to book a beach vacation to smell like one?

Barbers and stylists recommend the Old Spice Hair Pomade to clients for its easy application and reliability. Achieve any hairstyle from the slick side part to the textured quiff to the perfectly coifed pompadour. Use it to enhance your natural texture or get a little extra polish for special occasions.

The paraben-free formula is safe for all hair types including thick, curly, fine, straight and for those with sensitive scalps. It rinses out easily with shampoo and won’t dry out your hair like alcohol-based styling products. Nourishing ingredients like castor oil and shea butter actually condition strands so they stay soft, healthy and full of body.

With over 75 years of grooming expertise, Old Spice continues being a staple in men’s self-care routines. This hair pomade allows you to keep your hairstyle looking super sleek and refined just like a visit to an upscale barbershop.

Say goodbye to:

Flyaways and frizz
Losing your styling halfway through the day
Shine, grease and residue
Flakes and buildup
Crunchy, sticky formulas
Hair that falls flat
Say hello to:

All-day hold
Matte, natural finish
Touchable hair texture
Coconut citrus scent
Flake-free application
Soft, nourished strands
Saloon-style looks
No man wants to deal with his hair falling flat before lunchtime or getting flakes on his shoulders by midday. With the Old Spice Hair Styling Pomade, you can achieve a sophisticated style with medium hold and zero shine. Tame even the most stubborn cowlicks and flyaways for a refined look from morning until bedtime.


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