Old Spice Aluminum Free Aqua Reef Body Spray for Men – Long Lasting Odor Protection in a Refreshing Cologne-Quality Scent



Rejuvenate your day with the crisp, invigorating scent of an ocean breeze with Old Spice’s Aluminum Free Aqua Reef Body Spray. This unique fragrance evokes the feeling of standing on tropical shores surrounded by the fresh scent of crashing waves. Aqua Reef provides long-lasting odor protection and an uplifting aroma that boosts your confidence throughout the day.

Each 5.1 oz can of this odor-fighting body spray contains concentrated bursts of the Aqua Reef fragrance for all-day freshness. This exhilarating scent combines aquatic notes of marine accords and ozonic fragrances with woody undertones of cypress and moss for an invigorating sensory experience.

Key Features

  • Aluminum-Free Formula – This body spray does not contain aluminum, an ingredient commonly found in antiperspirants that can cause staining and odor issues.
  • 24/7 Scent Protection – Provides long-lasting odor and wetness protection that withstands heat and activity.
  • Invigorating Aqua Reef Fragrance – Uplifting scent with marine and woody notes that boosts confidence.
  • Dermatologist Tested – Clinically tested to be non-irritating even with everyday use.
  • Fights Odor Bacteria – Contains odor-fighting technology that targets and eliminates odor causing bacteria.

An Energizing Scent for Active Lifestyles

Old Spice Aqua Reef Body Spray is the perfect fragrance for active men with busy, on-the-go lifestyles. The crisp scent energizes your senses and provides a boost of freshness, no matter how hectic your day gets. This invigorating aroma combats odor and envelops you in an exhilarating fragrance to make you feel revitalized from your morning workout to your evening out.

The concentrated cologne-quality fragrance provides reliable 24/7 odor and wetness protection that can withstand your sweatiest workouts and busiest days. Just a few sprays in the morning provide scent that lasts all day to keep you smelling fresh. No matter what life throws your way, Old Spice Aqua Reef has you covered.

A Unique Blend of Marine and Woody Notes

Old Spice Aqua Reef contains a bright, energizing fragrance with vibrant notes of the ocean blended with rugged woody undertones. Top notes of marine accord,violet leaf, and ozone capture the exhilarating aroma of ocean breeze. The heart features lavender, violet, geranium, and jasmine for a refreshing floral twist. Finally, base notes of labdanum,cypress, and moss provide an earthy, grounded finish.

This complex blend of fragrance combines the best of the fresh outdoors with masculine depth for a uniquely modern scent. Aqua Reef evokes feelings of freedom, energy, and adventure with every spritz. Let this bold fragrance inspire you to pursue your passions each day.

Dermatologist-Tested for Sensitive Skin

Old Spice Aqua Reef Body Spray is specially formulated to be gentle on skin. It has been clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure the formula is non-irritating even with everyday use. The spray dries quickly with no white residue left behind so you can apply liberally without worrying about greasy buildup or stains on clothing.

The aluminum-free formula also helps prevent common antiperspirant issues like yellow stains on shirts or darkening underarms over time. You can feel confident this body spray will keep you smelling fresh without any unwanted side effects.

Fights Odor and Bacteria All Day

Old Spice Aqua Reef doesn’t just mask odors – it eliminates them at the source. The advanced odor-fighting technology targets and eliminates odor-causing bacteria so you stay smelling fresh no matter how long your day. No more worrying about sweat or body odors ruining your confidence.

The concentrated formula provides wetness and odor protection that can withstand work, workouts, and everything in between. Just a few sprays keep you protected and energized with the exhilarating scent of Old Spice Aqua Reef Body Spray.

Why Choose Old Spice?

For over 80 years, Old Spice has been the brand trusted by men to enhance their confidence with bold, long-lasting scents and effective hygiene products. Rediscover your passion for adventure with the exhilarating scent of Old Spice Aqua Reef Body Spray.

Pick up a 3-pack today and be prepared with reliable odor protection that keeps you smelling fresh morning, noon and night. Old Spice gives you the tools to take on each day with boldness and vigor.


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