OGX Thick & Volumizing Shampoo – For Fuller, Thicker Hair Infused with Biotin and Collagen



Tired of flat, fine hair that lacks body and fullness? Wish you could achieve lush, thick locks that look like you just stepped out of the salon? Look no further than the OGX Thick & Volumizing Shampoo, specially formulated with ProVitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen to help plump up each strand for luxurious, voluminous hair.

This powerful shampoo is packed with nourishing ingredients to penetrate deep into your hair follicles to promote strong, healthy hair growth. The key ingredients Biotin and Collagen work synergistically to reconstruct and fortify your hair strands from within. Biotin is essential for producing keratin, the key structural protein that makes up your hair. It boosts keratin production to increase hair elasticity and thickness. Collagen moisturizes and strengthens hair to prevent damage and breakage.

With just one use, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the thickness and fullness of your hair. The rich, creamy lather lifts roots for extra volume and coats strands for a visibly thicker, fuller look. Dry, brittle hair is transformed into soft, shiny locks bursting with bounce and body.

It’s formulated sulfate-free to gently cleanse hair without stripping essential moisture. Key ingredients like Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein help reconstruct damaged areas along the hair shaft to reinforce weak spots. Provitamin B5 instantly thickens and conditions to stop hair thinning and shedding. Your hair will feel amazingly soft, supple, and full of vitality.

This volumizing shampoo is specially designed for all hair types, whether you have fine limp hair or thick unruly hair lacking shape. The key is to apply generously to wet hair in the shower, work into a rich lather, and thoroughly rinse. For best results, follow up with the OGX Thick & Full Conditioner to lock in moisture and keep hair looking bouncy and voluminous.

Indulge your hair with the restorative power of nature. OGX uses sustainably sourced ingredients and is committed to clean, cruelty-free beauty. Enjoy salon-quality results without harsh chemicals or toxins.

Take your hair to new voluptuous heights with this thickening shampoo. Boost volume, lift roots, and infuse each strand with strength and brilliance. You’ll fall in love with the way it makes your hair look and feel – incredibly lush, touchably soft, visibly thicker and fuller.


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