OGX Invigorating Teatree Mint Scalp Treatment – Refreshing Dry Scalp Relief with Natural Oils



Treat your scalp to an invigorating burst of freshness with the OGX Extra Strength Refreshing + Invigorating Teatree Mint Dry Scalp Treatment. Specially formulated with peppermint, tea tree oil and witch hazel, this scalp treatment helps remove buildup and residue while leaving hair shiny, hydrated and your scalp feeling clean and refreshed.

An Invigorating Scalp Treatment

Do you deal with an itchy, flaky scalp? Does residue and buildup leave your scalp feeling gunky? Get ready to hit the reset button on your scalp health with this refreshing and invigorating dry scalp treatment from OGX.

Key Features

  • Helps remove scalp buildup and residue
  • Infused with peppermint to awaken the senses
  • Tea tree oil invigorates the scalp
  • Witch hazel helps eliminate excess oils and buildup
  • Leaves hair shiny and hydrated
  • Balances and refreshes the scalp
  • Paraben-free formula
  • Sulfate-free surfactant system

This non-medicated dry scalp treatment combines the cleansing power of tea tree oil with the natural astringent witch hazel to help remove buildup without stripping your strands. Peppermint extract leaves your scalp feeling awakened and refreshed.

Burst of Minty Freshness

Experience an exhilarating minty fresh sensation with every use of this scalp-stimulating formula. The invigorating scent of peppermint, iced vanilla and tea tree oil engages your senses and leaves hair smelling fresh.

Whether you have fine and limp hair or thick, coarse locks, this treatment is suitable for all hair types. It removes residue from the scalp without weighting hair down. The unique lightweight formula won’t leave residue behind.

Nourish Strands While Cleansing Scalp

Many clarifying shampoos strip hair of its natural moisture while trying to remove buildup from the scalp. This OGX treatment is different. It cleanses and rebalances the scalp without stripping strands of nutrients.

Hair is left looking healthy, volumized and hydrated with a mirror-like shine. This scalp cleansing treatment won’t dry out or damage hair like some clarifying shampoos. It’s gentle enough for daily use.

Natural Ingredients

This treatment contains ingredients inspired by nature.

Tea Tree Oil: Known for its invigorating and refreshing properties, tea tree oil helps stimulate the scalp. It works to remove excess sebum and buildup from the scalp and follicles.

Peppermint Extract: Peppermint provides a cooling, tingling sensation that awakens the scalp. It stimulates circulation and leaves the scalp feeling balanced.

Witch Hazel: The natural astringent properties of witch hazel help eliminate residue, oil and gunk from the scalp while soothing irritation.

Gentle Paraben and Sulfate-Free Formula

This scalp treatment is formulated without sulfates and parabens, making it gentle enough for daily use. The sulfate-free surfactant system won’t lather aggressively or strip away the scalp and hair’s natural moisture.

Experience the invigorating power of this OGX dry scalp treatment. Refresh your scalp and strands while eliminating buildup with this innovative formula infused with tea tree, peppermint and witch hazel.


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