OGX Caffeine Strength Shampoo for Weak and Thinning Hair – with Coconut Oil, Coffee Extract and Caffeine to Awaken and Reinforce Strands – Sulfate-Free



Tired of lackluster, thinning hair? Struggling with breakage and shedding? Look no further than the OGX Caffeine Strength Shampoo, specially formulated with an energizing blend of caffeine, coconut oil and coffee extract to awaken your hair follicles and reinforce weak, damaged strands.

This innovative formula is powered by an invigorating trio of natural ingredients targeted to renew limp, lifeless hair:

Caffeine – Known for its stimulating properties, caffeine energizes the scalp and follicles to improve circulation and promote stronger, healthier new growth. It blocks effects of testosterone on the roots to reduce shedding and thinning.

Coconut Oil – The moisturizing medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil nourish dry, brittle strands. The lauric acid helps strengthen and prevent breakage so hair appears fuller and more vibrant.

Coffee Extract – Rich in protective antioxidants, coffee extract helps improve elasticity and shine for smoother, shinier locks. The natural caffeine further stimulates the scalp to reduce hair loss.

Together, this trio of hardworking ingredients helps transform dull, weakened hair by:

Waking up tired follicles to reduce thinning and shedding
Pumping up volume so hair appears fuller and more lustrous
Strengthening strands to reduce breakage from the roots through the tips
Infusing moisture to mend dry, damaged sections
Stimulating new growth so regrowth is faster and stronger
Just apply the sulfate-free formula to wet hair, massage into scalp and lengths, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with the OGX Caffeine Strength Conditioner to continue nourishing weak strands after washing.

In consumer testing, 85% of users said the shampoo leaves hair looking healthier and more voluminous. 90% felt their hair was less brittle and experienced less breakage after 4 weeks of use.

Restore strength and radiance to your locks with the OGX Caffeine Strength Shampoo today! See visibly thicker, shinier, stronger hair or your money back.

Key Features:

Infused with invigorating caffeine to stimulate the scalp
Coconut oil moisturizes and mends dry, damaged hair
Coffee extract provides protective antioxidants
Awakens follicles to reduce thinning and shedding
Strengthens strands and boosts volume
Sulfate-free and paraben-free formula
Safe for color-treated hair


Minimizes hair loss and thinning
Hydrates dry, brittle strands
Reduces breakage and split ends
Boosts volume for fuller looking hair
Promotes faster, healthier regrowth
Improves elasticity and shine
Energizes the scalp to encourage new growth
Works for all hair types

How to Use:

Apply to wet hair and scalp, massaging gently to stimulate follicles.
Leave on for 1-2 minutes allowing caffeine to penetrate.
Rinse thoroughly and follow with OGX Caffeine Strength Conditioner.
For optimal results, use as part of your regular hair care routine.
Experience the strengthening, volumizing difference of OGX Caffeine Strength Shampoo! Renewed hair vitality and beauty are just one wash away.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our formula 100%. If you are not fully satisfied with the OGX Caffeine Strength Shampoo, return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

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