Obsession Cologne for Men by Calvin Klein – Alluring 4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray



Introduce an alluring aura of sophistication to your presence with Obsession Cologne for Men by Calvin Klein. This captivating eau de toilette spray features a bold, masculine fragrance that resonates confidence and charisma.

Top Notes of Citrus and Herbs for an Inviting Opening

The top notes of Obsession Cologne include bergamot, grapefruit, and lime. This bright, zesty blend greets your senses with an energizing first impression. Hints of lavender, sage, and nutmeg add an herbal nuance to the opening, imparting a refined yet rugged impression.

Heart Notes of Florals and Spice for Intrigue

As the fragrance transitions to the heart notes, spices and florals unfold in an intriguing way. Lavender contributes a cooling herbal tone, while carnation adds a softly spiced floral touch. Nutmeg and sage enhance the spicy side of the scent profile, lending warmth and mystery.

Base Notes of Rich Woods and Fruits for Sensuality

Finally, the base notes create depth with their sensual essence. Sandalwood brings a creamy, woody character, conveying strength and sophistication. Subtle touches of red berries impart sweetness to offset the woods. Amber enhances the smooth, rich quality of the base notes.

Striking Glass Bottle Design

The Obsession cologne bottle features an eye-catching cobalt blue glass design that mimics the shape of a hand grenade. The bold, masculine aesthetic of the bottle perfectly encapsulates the confident, alluring fragrance within. The cylindrical shape allows the bottle to stand upright on your dresser or shelf.

How to Apply

To apply Obsession Cologne, start by cleansing skin and spraying onto your pulse points. The wrists, neck, and chest are ideal application areas. Use 1-3 sprays for a subtle hint of fragrance or 4-6 sprays for more robust projection. The 4 oz bottle provides long-lasting supply. Avoid rubbing wrists together after application, as this can crush the notes. Allow the cologne to dry down on skin to unlock its full evolution.

When to Wear

Obsession Cologne’s bold, intriguing aroma makes it suitable for daytime or nighttime wear. The vivacious citrus and herbal opening notes are ideal for day, while the warm, woods base notes transition smoothly into the night. Wear it on dates, in the office, out with friends, or anytime you want to feel confident and charismatic. The scent is versatille enough for any season or situation.

Compliment this Cologne with Obsession Body Products

For an added layer of allure, pair Obsession Cologne with coordinating body products like the Obsession Shower Gel and Obsession Deodorant Stick. Applying these items in tandem creates a lasting aura of the iconic Obsession DNA. The Shower Gel cleanses skin while leaving behind a light veil of fragrance. The Deodorant provides long-lasting odor protection with a hint of the cologne’s unforgettable scent.

Gift Ready Presentation

The striking Obsession Cologne bottle arrives gift ready in coordinating Calvin Klein packaging. The sleek black box with metallic silver accents makes an impressive gift for any man in your life. Obsession also pairs nicely with the full range of Calvin Klein men’s grooming products as a gift set.

About the House of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an iconic American fashion brand founded in 1968. Known for minimalist, modern designs, Calvin Klein has become one of the leading global designers with products spanning fashion, fragrance, accessories, home goods, and more. The brand’s fragrances, like Obsession, are revered for their innovative blends, contemporary packaging, and unique DNA.

Unleash your most compelling, confident self with the magnetic allure of Obsession Cologne for Men by Calvin Klein.


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