Obsession by Calvin Klein – A Timeless Scent that Captures the Essence of Femininity and Desire



Escape into a world of romantic reverie with Obsession, a captivating fragrance for women by Calvin Klein. This iconic perfume blends succulent fruits, exotic florals and warm, sensual woods to create an alluring elixir of seduction.

Top Notes

The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy mandarin and vibrant bergamot, immediately evoking a sense of lush tropical abundance. Tart green apple and peach provide a delicate fruitiness, while Madagascar vanilla orchid offers a rich, subtly sweet creaminess. These bright citrus and fruit notes create an energizing and uplifting first impression.

Heart Notes

As the perfume blossoms on your skin, a luxurious floral heart comes forward, featuring romantic jasmine with its lush, decadent petals. The jasmine is beautifully complemented by fresh gardenia, heady orange blossom and gentle lily of the valley. Sandalwood lends a rich, woody warmth, while oakmoss provides an earthy depth. Together, these florals and woods create a spellbinding, sensual bouquet at the fragrance’s core.

Base Notes

Finally, the scent settles into an exquisitely sensual base of precious woods, resins and musk. Creamy sandalwood is enhanced by earthy vetiver and smoky incense, lending a mystical, spiritual quality. Sweet amber warms and rounds out the blend, while musk adds a touch of skin-like radiance. The addition of vanilla, with its soft, plush sweetness, perfectly balances the base notes, leaving a lingering trail of feminine seduction.

An Alluring Essence

Overall, Obsession is a multifaceted scent that envelops you in layer upon layer of fascination. It is at once luminous and mysterious, radiant and sultry, spirited and romantic. Like desire itself, the fragrance is impossible to resist.

Spray on this iconic eau de parfum to feel deliciously captivating from morning to night. The bouquet effortlessly transitions from day to evening, expressing your dynamic, complex femininity at every moment.

An Enduring Classic

First launched in 1985, Obsession remains a beloved classic to this day. This timeless fragrance for women continues to seduce the senses and spark passion in those who encounter its unforgettable trail.

Calvin Klein perfectly captured the thrilling, addictive nature of desire and romance within this elixir. One spritz and you’ll understand why it has consistently ranked among the most popular women’s perfumes for decades. Its iconic bottle also beautifully reflects the mystical, all-consuming nature of obsession.

When to Wear

Obsession eau de parfum is bold yet utterly refined, making it the ideal signature scent. The fragrance is sensual while still being office-friendly, allowing you to exude confidence and grace from the boardroom to the boudoir.

Spray it on for a big date night to set the mood for romance. Its sultry essence will make your partner weak in the knees! Obsession also works beautifully for daytime wear, adding an air of effortless glamour to your everyday looks.

How to Apply

Apply Obsession generously to pulse points like the wrists, neck and d├ęcolletage to let the sensual scent blossom on your skin. Mist it in your hair for a more intimate, lasting impression. Reapply as needed to revive the notes throughout the day.

The iconic emerald green bottle houses 3.4 oz of concentrated eau de parfum, providing this treasured fragrance in a substantial, long-lasting format. The convenient spray applicator allows you to expertly layer the perfume.

Complete Your Scent Wardrobe

Obsession is a must-have fragrance for every woman’s perfume collection. This exotic, mysterious eau de parfum encapsulates feminine seduction in a bottle. Layer it with Calvin Klein’s other provocative scents like Eternity and Euphoria to explore different facets of your personality.

Let Obsession transport you to a world of romantic reverie and tantalizing allure. Its bewitching bouquet will stir the deepest desires, ensuring you remain unforgettable long after the last notes fade away.


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