Nina Ricci L’air du Temps Eau de Parfum – A Timeless Floral Fragrance for Women



Let your senses be carried away by the timeless floral allure of Nina Ricci’s L’air du Temps Eau de Parfum. This iconic fragrance, first introduced in 1948, has captivated generations of women with its delicate blend of romantic florals and warm, spicy notes.

Top Notes

The fragrance opens with uplifting top notes of gardenia, bergamot, peach, rosewood, and jasmine. These bright, dewy floral essences evoke feelings of new beginnings and optimism. The peach adds a fruity sweetness, while the rosewood and jasmine add depth.

Heart Notes

At the heart of L’air du Temps lies its beautiful floral soul – a romantic bouquet of rose, carnation, orris root, ylang ylang, and lily of the valley. The rose note is warm and spicy, contrasting beautifully with the delicate powdery texture of orris and carnation. Ylang ylang adds a hint of sensuality.

Base Notes

Finally, the fragrance transitions into a deeply soothing base of sandalwood, musk, cedar, and spices. The creamy sandalwood and earthy vetiver provide a comforting warmth. Subtle notes of vanilla and clove add a touch of sweetness.

Elegant Floral Allure

This composition comes together to create an elegeant floral oriental fragrance that is utterly timeless and feminine. L’air du Temps evokes feelings of nostalgia and romance. It’s the perfect signature scent for the sensual, sophisticated woman who appreciates traditional perfumery.

Feminine and Modern

While classic and traditional in essence, L’air du Temps also smells beautifully modern. The peach and musk notes give it a contemporary edge, while still retaining its vintage soul. This allows the scent to span generations seamlessly.

Captivating Sillage

L’air du Temps is beautifully captivating, thanks to its unforgettable sillage. The term “sillage” refers to the trail of scent that lingers behind as you walk. With its notes of spice, woods and white florals, L’air du Temps leaves an alluring floral wake wherever you go.

Elegant Bottle

Housed within an elegant ribbed bottle and signature nanoir cap, L’air du Temps is the epitome of feminine poise and grace. The distinctive rectangular bottle was inspired by the shape of the Place de la Concorde in Paris. This timeless packaging complements the beautiful juxtaposition of old-world classicism and modernity within the fragrance.

How to Apply

To enjoy this fragrance, apply to your pulse points. Good spots are behind the ears, the neck, inner elbows, and wrists. Apply in the morning or before an evening out. The Eau de Parfum concentration provides longevity – you’ll smell lovely for hours.

Ideal for

L’air du Temps is a beautiful day or evening perfume for women who appreciate sophisticated, romantic fragrances. It’s perfect for:

  • Romantic dates and formal occasions
  • Weddings and special events
  • The office or a night out
  • Women who love traditional floral perfumes
  • Everyday elegant wear

Timeless Allure

Nina Ricci’s L’air du Temps Eau de Parfum is the quintessential floral oriental fragrance for women. Its blend of romantic white florals and warm, spicy woods comes together in perfect harmony. This perfume has stood the test of time, continuing to captivate new generations of perfume lovers. With notes of rose, carnation, sandalwood, and musk, it’s eternally elegant, feminine, and sensual. Let your senses be whisked away by the timeless magic and aura of L’air du Temps.


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