Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance Mist for Women – Fruity Floral Scent with Notes of Starfruit, Pear and Jasmine



Treat yourself to the fun and flirty scent of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance Mist. This fruity floral fragrance opens with juicy notes of starfruit and mandarin, making way for a heart of lotus and jasmine petals. The fragrance finishes with gourmand base notes of caramelized pear, vanilla, musk and woods. Nicki Minaj’s playful personality shines through in this vibrant, youthful scent.

Top Notes: Starfruit and Mandarin Add a Touch of Citrus

The top notes of Pink Friday feature succulent starfruit and zesty mandarin orange. These fruits provide a bright and uplifting start, adding lots of juicy citrus to the scent profile. The starfruit note is especially mouthwatering – it’s a sweet and tangy tropical fruit with hints of plum and pear. When blended with the tart mandarin, it makes for an irresistible fruity accord.

Mid Notes: Lotus Flower and Jasmine Petals for a Floral Heart

In the heart of the fragrance, lotus flower and jasmine petals create a delicate floral bouquet. The lotus adds a fresh watery nuance, as if plucked straight from a tranquil pond. Jasmine petals have an intensely sweet, heady aroma – almost syrupy in texture. Together, these florals form the core of Pink Friday’s femininity. The blend of crisp fruits and soft florals is nicely balanced.

Base Notes: Caramelized Pear, Vanilla, Musk and Woods Provide Depth

Finishing off the fragrance are gourmand base notes of caramelized pear, vanilla, musk and woods. The pear note adds juiciness and ripe sweetness, with a touch of Fall warmth from the caramel nuance. Creamy vanilla and soft musk provide a sensual backdrop, while the vague woodiness gives an elegant, slightly powdery effect. These notes come together to create a smooth drydown with a subtle sensuality.

Playful, Feminine Scent Perfect for Young Women

Overall, Pink Friday is a fun, energetic women’s fragrance that captures Nicki Minaj’s spirited personality. The fruity top notes offer a burst of brightness, while the floral heart has just the right amount of sweetness. Finally, the gourmand base provides a soft, warm drydown. This scent transitions seamlessly from day to night. The mist is great for layering and touch-ups throughout the day.

When to Wear It

Pink Friday makes a great everyday perfume for casual wear. It’s uplifting and youthful, perfect for school or running errands. Spritz it on before heading to the gym for an energizing aroma. The fruity floral scent also works nicely for the office or daytime dates. For nighttime, layer the mist over the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum for extra allure.

Who It’s For

This vibrant fragrance mist is ideal for women in their late teens, 20s and early 30s. It has a fun, flirty personality that will appeal to young women with an outgoing, extroverted spirit. The fruits and florals make it universally wearable for any occasion.

Fragrance Mist for On-the-Go Touch-Ups

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance Mist allows you to refresh your perfume throughout the day. The light mist makes it easy to reapply as needed – simply close your eyes and spritz it on from shoulders to wrists. The fragrance mist evaporates quickly leaving behind a delicate veil of scent. It’s perfect for keeping in your purse, gym bag, or car console.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

Each quick spritz provides a light scent that lasts for hours. The time-release fragrance technology releases subtle notes over time. You’ll catch whiffs of fruits, florals and vanilla throughout the day. One or two mists helps revive your scent if it starts to fade.

Infused with Natural Essences

The fragrance mist contains top notes of natural mandarin and jasmine petals. Their essences are captured using gentle processes to retain the nuances of each flower and fruit. You’ll recognize fresh, authentic aromas in every spray.

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-Tested

Like all Nicki Minaj fragrances, the mist is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested so you can feel confident wearing it. The alcohol-free formula won’t cause stinging, irritation or dryness. It’s safe for sensitive skin.

Your Own Portable Fragrance Wardrobe

The 8oz bottle provides over 500 sprays, so you can keep it handy all month long. Mist it on wrists, neck and d├ęcolletage for a light body scent, or spritz it in your hair for a floral shampoo-like effect. Use it between washes to absorb oil and refresh your locks. Having Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance Mist is like having your own portable fragrance wardrobe.

With fruity top notes, floral mid notes and gourmand base notes, Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Mist for Women is a lively, addictive scent you’ll want to wear every day. The convenient mist makes it easy to layer fragrance and revive your perfume whenever you want a quick pick-me-up. It’s a must-have for any Nicki Minaj beauty fan.


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