Neutrogena Stubborn Body Acne Cleanser & Exfoliator – Clear Breakouts and Prevent Future Blemishes



Are you struggling with stubborn body acne that just won’t go away? Those painful pimples and blemishes can pop up anywhere from your back and chest to your shoulders and buttocks. While acne is often thought of as just a teenage problem, breakouts in adulthood are extremely common. Body acne affects an estimated 64% of women and 40% of men at some point after puberty.

But you don’t have to live with embarrassing body breakouts anymore! The Neutrogena Stubborn Body Acne Cleanser & Exfoliator is specifically formulated to both treat existing breakouts AND help prevent new blemishes from forming. This dermatologist-recommended acne body wash contains salicylic acid and PHA to gently exfoliate, clear pores, and smooth skin.

Fights Stubborn Body Breakouts

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that is proven to be highly effective for treating acne. It penetrates deep into pores to dissolve trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts. The 1% concentration in this body wash helps to clean out existing blemishes and keeps new pimples from developing.

The PHA gluconolactone provides gentle exfoliation to smooth away rough, bumpy skin and reveal softer, brighter skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps to prevent future clogged pores and acne by sloughing off dead cells before they can block follicles.

Designed for Acne-Prone Skin

While anyone can suffer from body breakouts, this cleanser is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. It contains no added fragrance that can further irritate sensitive complexions. The dermatologist-tested formula is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores and trigger new zits.

Frequent use keeps excess oil and bacteria in check so you can finally say goodbye to those stubborn body acne woes. Both salicylic acid and PHA are gentler alternatives to ingredients like scrubs and benzoyl peroxide which can cause dryness, stinging, and peeling.

Use All Over to Prevent Breakouts

Apply this medicated body wash anywhere you tend to get pimples – chest, back, shoulders, butt, and more. Using it regularly not only clears existing blemishes faster but also keeps new ones from cropping up.

It’s ideal for body parts that are prone to breakouts like:

  • Back and chest – where sweat and skin-to-skin contact can clog pores
  • Shoulders – which can rub against backpack straps
  • Buttocks – from sitting, tight clothes, working out

Stubborn acne is no match for consistent use. Make this body wash part of your daily routine for clear, smooth, breakout-free skin.

How to Use for Best Results

Using the Neutrogena Body Clear Acne Cleanser is simple:

  1. Wet skin in the shower and dispense a quarter-sized amount of cleanser onto hands or washcloth.
  2. Gently massage over acne-prone areas for 20-30 seconds, avoiding eyes.
  3. Rinse completely and pat dry.
  4. Use once or twice daily, either morning or night or both.

If skin feels dry or tight, follow up with a gentle, oil-free body lotion. For severe body acne, use as directed along with acne spot treatments.

Dermatologist-Recommended Acne Body Wash

With over 100 years of skin care expertise, Neutrogena is a brand trusted by dermatologists for effective, gentler formulas. Their products are rigorously tested for safety and deliver proven results.

The Stubborn Body Acne Cleanser & Exfoliator has been tested by dermatologists and is proven to:

  • Clear up even stubborn chest, back and body breakouts
  • Gently exfoliate without irritation or over-drying
  • Unclog pores and prevent new pimples
  • Smooth bumpy skin texture
  • Get rid of existing blemishes faster

Customers also report clearer and softer skin from regular use. Many saw a noticeable difference in as little as 1 week!

Say Goodbye to Annoying Body Breakouts!

Take control of stubborn body acne once and for all with the Neutrogena Stubborn Body Acne Cleanser & Exfoliator. Its dermatologist-recommended, non-irritating formula with salicylic acid and PHA will help you achieve smooth, clear skin free of blemishes – no matter your age or skin type.

Try it today for clean, vibrant skin all over your body. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to this medicated acne body wash sooner!


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