Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray – Get That Gorgeous, Golden Glow in Just Minutes!



Bask in the glow of sun-kissed skin all year round with Neutrogena’s Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray. This innovative self-tanner goes on fast and dries in just minutes for a natural, streak-free tan that makes you look like you just stepped off the beach.

The lightweight, oil-free formula utilizes an alcohol-free witch hazel base to provide instant hydration while the DHA works to gradually enhance your complexion. The ultra-fine 360° continuous mist ensures completely even application, allowing you to tan every nook and cranny for flawless coverage. Just mist, let dry, and you’re on your way to a gorgeous glow in no time!

Get Professional Results with At-Home Convenience

Achieve an airbrushed finish without the hassle or expense of visiting a tanning salon. Neutrogena’s unique one-touch spraying system delivers precise coverage just like a professional tanning gun, minus the overspray. The wide spray radius combined with the ergonomic design means you can tan solo or get assistance to reach even hard-to-spray areas like your back.

Whether you want to prep for a big event like a wedding or vacation, maintain your bronze glow year-round, or simply give your pale winter skin an instant boost, this sunless tanner makes it easy to customize your color with professional results.

Build Your Ideal Tan Over Time

The unique tinted formula allows you to gauge application and control your color. Light reflecting mica particles provide instant bronzing while DHA works gradually to enhance your natural skin tone. The color develops over time, so you never have to worry about unexpected orange hues or uneven streaks.

Simply mist, blend, and repeat daily until you reach your ideal tan level. The color builds flawlessly for a customizable glow that looks natural and never overdone. Frequent application also ensures your tan fades perfectly evenly.

Moisturize, Soothe, and Bronze in One Step

Most self-tanners tend to dry out skin, but Neutrogena’s formula actually hydrates while it bronzes. The alcohol-free witch hazel base soothes skin while providing instant moisture. After misting, the quick-absorbing spray leaves skin feeling soft without any sticky residue.

Neutrogena’s MicroMist is also formulated with skin-nourishing antioxidants like vitamin E and pro vitamin B5. These ingredients work together to keep your complexion looking smooth and revitalized while DHA works to gradually deepen your skin’s natural tone. After just a few applications, you’ll be rocking nourished, bronzed perfection.

Oil-Free Formula Won’t Clog Pores

Unlike thicker creams and gels, this lightweight mist formula won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. The oil-free, non-comedogenic formula contains witch hazel to cleanse skin of impurities for smooth, clear results.

Frequent reapplication also ensures your tan fades evenly for flawless color without patches or uneven tone. Neutrogena’s Micromist makes it easy to maintain a gorgeous glow all year long without worrying about clogged pores or blemishes.

Get Natural-Looking Color Minus UV Rays

Skip the risks of sun exposure and get gorgeous color safely with Neutrogena’s unique sunless tanning formula. The innovative DHA works with skin proteins to gradually create a natural tan color minus any UV rays.

Just a few minutes of application per day provides noticeable color that develops into a streak-free, sun-kissed glow. All it takes is a quick mist to enjoy a just-back-from-the-beach bronze without exposure to harsh rays.


  • Airbrush-style 360° spray mist provides fast, flawless coverage just like a professional tanning service.
  • Develops gradual, natural-looking color within hours that deepens with daily use.
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.
  • Hydrating witch hazel base soothes and moisturizes skin while DHA works.
  • Wide radius spray combined with ergonomic design makes solo or assisted application easy.
  • Quick-dry formula leaves zero stickiness or mess.
  • Fades perfectly evenly with frequent re-application.
  • Provides gorgeous bronzed glow without exposure to UV rays.

Achieve salon-perfect color without stepping foot in a tanning bed with Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Gradual Self Tanner. Get soft, nourished skin with a natural-looking golden glow in just minutes a day. Just mist and glow – it’s as simple as that!

Order a bottle today and refresh your complexion with a sun-kissed radiance all year long.


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