Neutrogena Fragrance Free Daily Facial Moisturizer – Nourish and Protect Your Sensitive Skin with a Lightweight Multivitamin Cream



Do you suffer from chronically sensitive or reactive skin that flares up at the slightest provocation? Red, irritated, and uncomfortable skin can make you want to hide your face away. But you don’t have to live like that anymore! Introducing the Neutrogena Fragrance Free Daily Facial Moisturizer, specially formulated to soothe and protect even the most sensitive complexions.

This dermatologist-recommended face and neck cream harnesses the power of vitamins to replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier without clogging pores or causing breakouts. A lightweight but hardworking moisturizer, it arms your skin with the nourishment it needs to fight environmental aggressors and maintain its healthy glow day after day.

Moisturization You Can Trust for Sensitive Skin

The key to calming sensitive and reactive skin is to select products made without irritating fragrances, dyes, and chemicals. That’s why the Neutrogena Daily Facial Moisturizer is fragrance-free and formulated without parabens or phthalates.

It contains a multivitamin complex with proven skin-soothers like niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to improve the look of redness, Pro-Vitamin B5 to condition and soften, and antioxidant Vitamin E to defend against environmental damage from things like pollution, smoke, and UV rays. After cleansing your face, apply a quarter-sized amount of this daily moisturizer to your face and neck every morning and evening.

In consumer trials, 100% of users said the moisturizer did not cause irritation, even with ongoing use. It absorbs quickly into the skin with a light, fast-vanishing texture that never feels greasy. As your sensitive skin drinks in the vitamins and hydration, you’ll notice a smoother, more even-toned and luminous complexion.

Your Moisture Barrier’s New Best Friend

One of the main causes of sensitive skin is impairment in the skin’s moisture barrier. When this protective seal is disrupted, your skin loses its ability to retain hydration and becomes vulnerable to external triggers like irritating ingredients. The Neutrogena Daily Moisturizer helps restore your moisture barrier to full strength with its multivitamin formula.

Dry, tight, flaky skin occurs when the moisture barrier breaks down. By confronting the problem at its source, this everyday face cream from Neutrogena provides soothing relief and supports your skin’s natural dynamic barrier. Your complexion will start feeling comfortable even during flare-ups. Ongoing use helps shorten the length of reactive episodes and reduces their frequency over time.

Dermatologist-Recommended for All Skin Types

You don’t need to have a sensitive skin diagnosis to benefit from this nourishing daily moisturizer. Because of its fragrance-free, non-irritating formulation, it’s suitable for all skin types, including:

  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Oily skin

In fact, it makes an excellent moisturizing base layer if you tend to use leave-on acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or retinoids, which can be drying. Apply the Neutrogena cream before applying your acne treatment to buffer your skin against irritation and peeling. Your dermatologist may even recommend applying this vitamin cream after in-office procedures like laser treatments, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels to calm and soothe skin as it heals.

Of course, those with diagnosed sensitive skin will benefit the most from its barrier-restoring and irritation-fighting superpowers. But anyone looking for an affordable drugstore moisturizer suitable for the whole family can feel good choosing this dermatologist-recommended best-seller.

Your New Skin Savior

If you’re ready to hit the reset button on your reactive, sensitive skin woes, make the Neutrogena Fragrance Free Daily Facial Moisturizer your new morning and night ritual. Available in a value-sized 3.4 ounce bottle, it provides lightweight hydration that your skin drinks up instantly. No more irritation, dryness, or discomfort! Just soft, supple, glowing skin that can handle anything life throws its way.

This dermatologist-tested moisturizer is one of Neutrogena’s most beloved best-sellers because it really works. It harnesses proven ingredients to care for your skin the right way. No dyes, no fragrances, no nasty chemicals. Just lots of skin-nourishing vitamins to start restoring your skin’s health every day. Give your face the non-irritating TLC it deserves and see the sensitive skin-calming results for yourself with this breakthrough moisturizer.


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