Nautica Voyage N-83 Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Fl Oz



Escape to the open waters with Nautica Voyage N-83 Eau de Toilette, a fresh and addictive aquatic fragrance for modern explorers. Top notes of green leaf, drenched mimosa, water lotus, and sailcloth accord invoke the feeling of a cool ocean breeze. The heart blooms with hints of aquatic macerations, frosted ginger, white pepper, water hyacinth, and polished wood. Finally, the scent dives into a deep drydown of moss, cedarwood, musk, and amber.

An Aquatic Aroma for Seafaring Spirits

Like its nautical name implies, Nautica Voyage envelops you in an aquatic aroma perfect for channeling your inner seafarer. Crisp and clean top notes evoke the smell of sea spray crashing against the bow as your sails fill with wind. Earthy wood and musk gives a feeling of trailing your fingers along weathered railing as the ship slices through indigo waves. Spicy accents add warmth like the midday tropical sun beating down as you lounge on the deck.

High Quality and Authenticity

When you choose Nautica Voyage, you can be confident you’re getting an authentic, high quality fragrance. This listing comes directly from the brand’s authorized seller, ensuring you’ll receive a genuine product in its original unopened packaging. While imitation fragrances try to mimic the Nautica DNA, nothing compares to the real thing.

A Scent Sage for All Occasions

Nautica Voyage’s refreshing blend of fruits, woods and musk makes it a versatile scent for daily wear. The uplifting aroma works for the office, going out with friends, casual weekends, and everything in between. Yet it still possesses enough depth for date nights when you want to make a memorable impression. Spray it on pulse points like the neck, wrists and chest before heading out the door in the morning or for an evening adventure.

A Fragrance Legacy

Nautica has decades of experience when it comes to scents inspired by the aquamarine freedom of the open waters. Their fragrances pay homage to the nautical lifestyle through expertly crafted aromas. Nautica Voyage N-83 is the newest addition to their Voyage line of aquatic eau de toilettes for men.

What’s in the Bottle?

Take a closer look at the aromatic notes that blend together to create Nautica Voyage N-83:

Top Notes:

Green Leaf
Drenched Mimosa
Water Lotus
Sailcloth Accord
Heart Notes:

Aquatic Macerations
Frosted Ginger
White Pepper
Water Hyacinth
Polished Wood
Base notes:

How to Apply

Apply Nautica Voyage in the morning or before you head out for maximum enjoyment of the top and heart notes. Follow these tips when applying:

Hold the bottle 6-10 inches away from skin and spray 3-5 times
Spritz on pulse points like the neck, wrists, chest and shoulders
Avoid rubbing wrists together as this can crush the notes
Reapply as needed for refreshment throughout the day or night
Pair with the Rest of the Nautica Voyage Line

For the full voyage experience, combine Nautica Voyage N-83 with other products from the line including:

Body Spray – Extends the Nautica aroma to the rest of your body
Deodorant – Provides odor and wetness protection while letting the fragrance shine
Aftershave – Hydrates skin while leaving you with that just-shaved scent
Cologne – An easy way to bring the fragrance with you on the go
Gift-Worthy Presentation

Nautica Voyage comes packaged in a sleek nautical-inspired box, ready for gifting. The dark blue box with rope accents mirrors the aquatic theme. Gift it for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, groomsmen, and any occasion. It’s a scent that suits young men and older gentlemen alike.

Make Waves with Nautica Voyage N-83

Escape the mundane with the addictively crisp and refreshing vibes of Nautica Voyage. One spritz whisks you away to the deck of a sailboat with the salty sea breeze in your hair. It’s everything you love about the ocean in a bottle. Dive in and transport yourself with this authentic aromatic eau de toilette from Nautica.


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