Nautica Voyage Heritage Eau de Toilette for Men, 3.4 oz



Introducing the new Nautica Voyage Heritage Eau de Toilette for Men. This fresh, aquatic fragrance pays homage to the brand’s nautical heritage with notes of bergamot, apple, sage and lavender. The heart unfolds with aquatic accords of lily of the valley, jasmine and water lily while base notes of guaiac wood and sandalwood add warmth and richness.

Inspired by the sea, wind and freedom, Nautica Voyage Heritage perfectly captures the sensation of an invigorating ocean breeze. Crisp and clean with a splash of citrus, this cologne is refreshing and energetic. It’s the perfect scent for active, adventurous men who love the open water.

The sleek navy bottle features an anchor motif, rope texture and porthole-style cap, nodding to the brand’s roots in ocean exploration. This classic nautical design reflects the timeless appeal of the fragrance within.

Nautica Voyage Heritage opens with a burst of bergamot, apple, sage and lavender. The bergamot adds a bright, citrusy touch while apple brings a crisp, green sweetness. Herbal sage paired with floral lavender creates an aromatic, herbaceous accord.

The heart reveals aquatic notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and water lily. Lily of the valley imparts a delicate, dewy floralcy as water lily adds a clean, transparent wateriness. Jasmine contributes a soft, sensual bloom to round out the aquatic accord.

Finally, base notes of guaiac wood and sandalwood lend warmth and depth. The subtle smokiness of guaiac wood combined with the creamy, rich texture of sandalwood completes this vibrant, water-inspired scent.

With moderate sillage and longevity, Nautica Voyage Heritage lingers with bright, refreshing appeal. It’s perfect for daytime wear and versatile enough for work, weekends and anytime you want to feel the energizing sensation of the open sea.

Nautica Voyage Heritage works well in warmer weather but maintains its vibrancy year-round. The crisp aquatic notes make it ideal for active days spent outdoors while the woody base provides staying power. Wear it sailing, hiking, traveling or anytime adventure calls.

Like a sea breeze across the deck, Nautica Voyage Heritage provides a clean, refreshing spritz. Its timeless aquatic aroma makes it a staple for the modern, active man’s fragrance wardrobe. Relive the brand’s nautical roots and set sail each day with this vibrant, energetic cologne.

When to Wear It

Nautica Voyage Heritage is perfect for daytime wear all year long. The crisp, aquatic notes are uplifting and energizing, making this cologne ideal for:

  • Office wear – Provides a clean, professional scent
  • Casual daytime activities – Perfect for weekends, sports, travel
  • Warm weather – Bright, refreshing vibes for summer
  • Outdoor adventures – Crisp and outdoorsy
  • Everyday use – A modern, versatile fragrance

Who It’s For

Nautica Voyage Heritage is great for the active, adventurous man who appreciates a vibrant, aquatic scent. Its classic nautical vibe makes it perfect for guys who love:

  • The open ocean – Crisp, watery notes capture the sea breeze
  • Sailing, boating, water sports – Clean and outdoorsy aquatic scent
  • Exploration and travel – Energizing vibes for the modern adventurer
  • The nautical lifestyle – Harkens back to Nautica’s sailing heritage
  • Fresh, clean fragrances – Bright citrus and aquatic notes

Tips for Application

Apply Nautica Voyage Heritage to clean, dry skin in key pulse points. The warmth of the skin will help radiate the scent. For best results, focus application on:

  • Neck – Allows scent to rise gently
  • Chest – Enhances sillage or scent trail
  • Wrists – Warms and projects fragrance
  • Shoulders – Adds a clean aura around you

Avoid rubbing wrists together as this can crush the notes. Let the fragrance diffuse naturally for best performance. Reapply as needed for longer wear.


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