Nautica Voyage Deodorizing Body Spray for Men – Refreshing Aquatic Scent with Fruity and Woody Notes



Experience the energizing and romantic vibes of an ocean voyage with Nautica Voyage Deodorizing Body Spray for Men. This refreshing body spray features a blend of juicy apple, aquatic water lotus, cedarwood and sensual musk notes that evoke feelings of escapism and adventure.

Top Notes: Green Leaf, Apple, Water Lotus

Middle Notes: Mimosa, Jasmine, Wood

Base Notes: Cedar, Musk, Amber

Formulated with a clean, masculine scent, this body spray can be worn anytime – whether you’re going on a date, hanging with friends or working up a sweat at the gym. The fruity top notes of apple and water lotus deliver an instant burst of freshness upon application. As the scent dries down, woody middle notes of cedarwood emerge, accompanied by subtle hints of mimosa and jasmine. Finally, base notes of musk and amber add warmth and sensuality.

Perfect for the active, adventurous man, Nautica Voyage evokes the freedom of an endless summer. Its refreshing aquatic aroma conjures up images of sunny days spent sailing, with the salty sea breeze in your hair. While the base notes lend a romantic edge – reminiscent of evenings spent strolling along the beach at sunset. This versatile fragrance transitions effortlessly from day to night.

An Alluring Scent for the Modern Explorer

Inspired by the worldly adventures of the modern explorer, Nautica Voyage is a scent for men who live life on their own terms. It captures the thrilling optimism of a journey to parts unknown. This exhilarating fragrance empowers you to embark on your own odyssey, seeking new horizons and chasing adventure wherever it may lead.

The sleek, ocean-blue packaging evokes the colors of the sea and sky. It reflects the aquatic nature of this refreshing scent. Pop open the cap to reveal a spray nozzle that generates a fine mist for all-over application. The smooth, moisturizing formula dries quickly without residue. Making it ideal for all-day wear.

Versatile Fragrance for Day or Night

With its clean, fruity aroma and sensual woody base, Nautica Voyage transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear. The fresh top notes of apple and lotus make it perfect for daytime use, with enough masculine depth from the cedar and musk base notes to carry you into the night.

Spray it on in the morning before heading to the office or class to stay smelling fresh all day long. The crisp scent projects confidence and charisma, while the dry down prevents overpowering those around you.

For evening wear, apply Voyage after your shower and let the base notes fully develop before heading out for a romantic dinner or drinks with friends. The wood and musk base provides just the right amount of mysterious sensuality.

Versatile Year-Round Scent

This vibrant aromatic fragrance can be worn year-round. The refreshing fruity notes are perfect for hot summer days when you want to smell clean and energized. While the warming woody base adds just enough depth for cooler fall and winter weather.

In summer, the juicy apple and watery lotus notes evoke images of fruity cocktails and poolside lounging. Come fall, the cedar and musk blend beautifully with the crispness in the air. In winter, amber adds a subtle touch of cozy warmth.

All Day Odor Protection

Don’t let sweat and odor spoil your day. Nautica Voyage Deodorizing Body Spray offers long-lasting odor neutralization and freshness. The formula goes on smooth, absorbing quickly without stickiness or residue. Just a few sprays on clean skin keeps you smelling fresh all day, even through your toughest workouts.

It neutralizes and prevents body odor without heavy antiperspirants, allowing your natural scent to shine through. Just spray, let dry, and go confidently about your day with long-lasting odor protection.

A Spray for Every Occasion

Versatile enough for any occasion, Nautica Voyage accompanies you on all of life’s adventures. Keep a bottle in your gym bag for post-workout freshness. Stash one in your backpack or carry-on when traveling. Spritz on before a first date or job interview for a boost of confidence.

Its clean, masculine aroma works for any activity – from lounging around the house to cheering at a ball game to dancing the night away at a club. Let this refreshing spray set the mood for romance, fun, relaxation or anything your day may hold.

Be Transported with This Oceanic Aromatic

With just a few sprays, allow Nautica Voyage to whisk you away on an aquatic journey. Crisp apple and dewy water lotus mingle with the salty freshness of sea air. Warm cedarwood evokes the polished wood of a luxury yacht, while sensual musk and amber conjure images of sun-kissed skin.

Let the freedom and adventure of the open ocean wash over you. Be transported to exotic destinations and coastal paradises. Explore the world and discover the rugged optimism and romantic spirit within. Nautica Voyage – an aquatic aromatic that empowers your own odyssey.


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