Nad’s Nose Wax Kit – Remove Embarrassing Nose Hair Quickly, Easily and Painlessly



Say goodbye to unwanted nose hairs! The Nad’s Nose Wax Kit allows you to remove embarrassing nose hair quickly and easily in the comfort of home.

The specially formulated sensitive wax effectively removes visible nostril hairs by the root for smooth results that last. And the unique applicator targets only protruding hairs, leaving important hairs inside your nose undisturbed.

Forget painful plucking! This kit removes nose hair comfortably with no pain, redness or irritation. Enjoy a hair-free nose for weeks with this simple, safe DIY waxing kit.

Removes Nose Hair Quickly and Effectively

Unwanted nose hairs are no match for the Nad’s Nose Wax Kit. The hard wax formula adheres to even fine, short hairs to remove them easily and effectively by the root in one quick motion.

Just insert the unique SafeTip applicator into your nostrils and rotate to coat visible hairs with wax. Then pull out the applicator and the encapsulated hairs removal is quick and easy. No pain or tugging!

The wax removes hairs for smoother nostrils that last for up to 4 weeks. Regular waxing actually helps slow the regrowth process over time. Kiss those stray nostril hairs goodbye!

Safe and Precise Hair Removal

What sets the Nad’s nose wax kit apart is the innovative SafeTip applicator. This unique spiral applicator fits just inside the nostril to remove only visible, protruding hairs around the outer edges.

The important hairs deeper inside your nostrils are left undisturbed to continue doing their job filtering out dust and particles as nature intended. Other nose hair removal methods can remove too much inner nose hair or even damage delicate nasal membranes.

The precision tip targets just the exact hairs you want gone for safe, mess-free waxing in seconds. No dangerous over-stripping or over-grooming.

Painless Waxing With No Redness or Irritation

Tugging out nose hairs by the root with tweezers is a painful process! The Nad’s nose wax kit removes hair comfortably with no pinching, pulling or pain.

The unique wax formulation encapsulates and lifts out hairs in one easy motion. Users report the wax removal process as nearly painless compared to tweezing.

Suitable for sensitive skin, the wax is formulated to remove hair gently without redness, bleeding or irritation. It never feels scratchy or abrasive inside the delicate nostril area.

No more dealing with swollen, sore nostrils from aggressive plucking! This kit lets you remove stray hairs painlessly and quickly.

Easy and Convenient At-Home Use

No need to go to a salon for nose waxing! The Nad’s kit allows quick, easy DIY nose waxing in the privacy of your home.

The compact portable kit contains pre-portioned applicators for on-the-go convenience. There’s no messy wax pot or strips required.

Just warm the applicator between your hands, insert into the nostril, rotate and remove. The special wax formulation removes hair on the spot for instant smooth results.

How to Use the Nad’s Nose Wax Kit

Clean and dry nasal passages before waxing. Trim any hairs that protrude outside the nostrils.

Insert applicator into nostril. Rotate applicator making contact with visible hairs you wish to remove.

In one motion, remove applicator to pull out encapsulated hairs.

Repeat if needed for stubborn hairs. Avoid over-inserting applicator.

Rinse nostrils with water afterward and apply a light moisturizer if desired.

Remove Nose Hair Quickly, Safely and Comfortably

Never pluck nose hairs again! The Nad’s Nose Wax Kit offers a painless, mess-free way to remove embarrassing nose hairs easily in minutes.

Experience smoother nostrils free of stray hairs for weeks with this safe, easy-to-use waxing kit.


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