Mlogiroa Lash Fan – Portable USB Rechargeable Eyelash Extension Fan Dryer with Built-In Sponge for Salon Use or Personal Care



Achieve perfect lash extension application and drying with the Mlogiroa Lash Fan. This innovative eyelash extension fan generates a gentle stream of cool air to quickly dry eyelash glue and setter for faster service times.

The built-in sponge holds water to provide cooling relief. Rechargeable and portable for use anywhere. A must-have tool for lash techs, estheticians and DIY lash application.

Speed Up Lash Extension Application

The controllable air flow from the lash fan quickly dries eyelash extension glue and setter between each new extension. This cuts down on drying wait times during application.

Clients spend less time lying still with eyes closed. Techs can complete more lash sets each day. A more efficient process for both parties.

The concentrated air flow also prevents eyelash extensions from sticking together while the glue dries. Ensuring flawless fanned out lashes.

Keep Clients Comfortable

The built-in sponge holds water to provide a cooling sensation as air blows over it. This helps prevent client discomfort or irritation during the drying process.

Simply wet the sponge and put in fridge before each use for an extra cooling effect. Or add rosewater or cucumber essence for a soothing spa-like experience.

The cold air also reduces watery eyes and sensitivity caused by glue fumes. Making the service more pleasant.

Rechargeable and Portable

The lash fan operates via a rechargeable 500mAh battery. Fully charge it before each day for 2-3 hours of continuous use.

The USB-C charging port offers widespread compatibility with laptops, chargers, power banks and more. Power up conveniently anywhere.

Weighing only 2.4oz, this mini fan easily fits into a tool bag or carrying case. Bring it for lash services in salons, spas or client homes.

Ergonomic Design

The unique T-shaped handle allows you to precisely maneuver the fan into ideal position without obstructing client’s face.

The angled air outlet better directs the airflow over the eye area for maximum efficiency. Dries a full set faster!

One-button operation allows you to easily adjust fan speed as needed with one hand. The lanyard allows hands-free carrying.

DIY Lash Care

This lash fan isn’t just for pros! Use it yourself after applying mascara, eyeliner glue or strip lashes. The quick drying action prevents smudging and messy application.

The cooling sponge also feels great after long days in makeup or contact lenses. A versatile beauty tool with many uses beyond the lash studio.

Give professional lash extension application a try at home with the Mlogiroa Rechargeable Portable Lash Fan.


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