MIYADIVA 30X Magnifying Mirror Suction Cup – Get An Ultra-Close View for Flawless Makeup, Grooming and Detailed Beauty Tasks



Experience ultra-magnified views for precise makeup application and grooming with the MIYADIVA 30X Magnifying Mirror Suction Cup. The incredibly powerful 30X magnification shows every pore, hair and flaw in stunning clarity.

The large 6 inch viewing area provides an expansive close-up view. And the suction cup design allows you to mount it directly onto any nonporous surface for hands-free use.

See details like never before to apply makeup flawlessly, shape eyebrows perfectly, tweeze with precision and put in contact lenses with ease.

Incredible 30X Magnification

This magnifying mirror provides super powerful 30X magnification that makes even the tiniest details clearly visible.

See every single eyelash to expertly apply mascara and eyeliner. View each individual brow hair to tweeze with precision. Clearly see each pore and fine line for seamless makeup blending.

The ultra-magnified view allows you to perfect makeup techniques, grooming and beauty tasks for salon-worthy results at home.

Extra Large 6 Inch Viewing Area

Many magnifying mirrors are only 4-5 inches wide. But the MIYADIVA suction mirror features an extra large 6 inch diameter lens.

The expansive viewing surface provides a fuller view of your face. Easily see your entire eye area at once for makeup application. Or view both eyebrows simultaneously for shaping and tweezing.

You can get ultra-close without losing perspective of the bigger picture. The large magnified view makes all your beauty tasks quicker and easier.

Suction Cup Design for Hands-Free Use

The back features a sturdy suction cup that securely mounts the mirror onto any smooth, nonporous surface.

Stick it onto bathroom tiles, mirrors, windows or countertops. The tight suction keeps the mirror firmly in place so you can use both hands.

Easily position the mirror at the perfect height and angle. The hands-free design prevents neck strain from looking down at a handheld mirror for extended periods.

Portable and Lightweight for Travel

The compact 6 inch size takes up minimal space in your luggage or toiletry bag. And it weighs just 0.3 pounds, so you’ll barely notice it.

Take it along when traveling so you can stick it onto hotel bathroom mirrors. No need to struggle with unfamiliar lighting or foggy hotel mirrors.

The suction cup design also prevents it from slipping off counters in moving RVs or boats. Use it anywhere for clear, ultra-magnified views.

Ideal for Elderly or Visually Impaired

The powerful 30X magnification makes it easy for those with blurred vision or diminished eyesight to clearly see details for grooming and makeup.

An excellent mirror for the elderly, visually impaired, or anyone who struggles to see up close. It provides the clarity needed for precision beauty techniques.

The large viewing surface also accommodates those who use bifocals or progressive lenses. You can position your head correctly to see through the proper portion of your eyeglasses.

Useful Versatile Gift

This magnifying mirror makes a practical, helpful gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Grandparents
  • Retirement

It assists with essential self-care tasks to look and feel your best. A thoughtful gift that shows you care about helping them maintain their independence.

Give the gift of ultra-clear vision for flawless beauty techniques with the MIYADIVA 30X Magnifying Suction Mirror.


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