MIYADIVA 20X Magnifying Makeup Mirror – Get Flawless Makeup Application with Dual-Sided 1X/20X Magnification



Achieve salon-perfect makeup application at home with the MIYADIVA Dual-Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror. The innovative 360° rotating design features normal 1X reflection on one side and 20X magnification on the other – giving you complete clarity for precise makeup techniques.

See every detail to create stunning eye makeup, achieve flawless blending, tweeze eyebrows with precision, apply contact lenses easily and more!

360° Rotation Allows You to Easily Toggle Between 1X and 20X Magnification

The two-sided mirror swivels a full 360° on the stable weighted base. Simply rotate the mirror to switch between the 1X and 20X magnification sides.

Use the 1X side for checking your full face. Then switch to 20X magnification to see skin imperfections, individual lashes and fine facial hairs up close for detailed grooming and makeup.

The rotating design allows you to position the magnified side at the ideal angle for your height and the task at hand. No need to hunch over or strain your neck.

Get Ultra Precise Application with 20X Magnification

The 20X magnification provides ultra clear, detailed views so you can master makeup techniques like:

  • Applying eyeliner with steady hands
  • Layering eye shadow flawlessly
  • Filling in eyebrows hair-by-hair
  • Blending concealer seamlessly
  • Drawing crisp lip liner

See every single lash to curl and apply mascara perfectly. Tweeze hairs effortlessly. even put in contact lenses with ease.

The 20X magnification shows details you never notice with the naked eye for truly perfect results.

Sleek and Stable Design

The base has a weighted bottom to keep the mirror stable as you adjust the magnification or angle. No need to worry about toppling over.

Crafted from shatterproof acrylic, the durable mirrored surface resists scratches and fingerprint smudges. The elegant transparent acrylic frame complements any vanity or bathroom decor.

At 7.8 inches in diameter, it provides ample viewing area but remains compact enough for countertop use. The ideal size for home bathrooms and makeup stations.

Thoughtful Gift for Makeup Lovers

Any makeup enthusiast will appreciate this innovative dual-sided magnifying mirror. A versatile beauty tool that makes flawless application effortless!

A thoughtful gift idea for:

  • Birthdays
  • Teens starting to wear makeup
  • Holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day
  • Friends who love cosmetics
  • Graduation present

It’s sure to see daily use for years to come. A functional gift that shows you care about helping them look their very best every day!

How to Use the 20x Magnified Side

When using the 20X magnified view, start with the mirror about 5 inches away from your eyes. Slowly move closer until the image comes into sharp focus. This allows your eyes to adjust and prevents dizziness.

Finding the ideal distance gives you the clearest view for precise application. Adjust as needed between tasks like eyeliner, lashes, eyebrows and lips.

With the right distance adjustment, the 20X magnified view eliminates distortion for stunning cosmetic results at home.

Achieve Flawless Makeup with Dual Magnification

The innovative MIYADIVA Magnifying Makeup Mirror provides crystal clear 1X and detailed 20X views. All in a sleek, stable desktop design.

See fine facial details for perfect makeup, grooming and beauty techniques without leaving home.

The ultimate cosmetic tool for flawless results! Add it to your cart today.


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