MIRRORVANA Fog-Free Shower Mirror – No More Frustrating Shaves with the Upgrade Suction Cup and Anti-Fog Coating



Tired of shaving blind in the shower thanks to constant fog buildup on your mirror?

Introducing the all-new MIRRORVANA Fog-Free Shower Mirror – the must-have solution for clear visibility and frustration-free shaving in the shower!

This innovative mirror features an advanced fog-resistant coating that prevents annoying fog. So you can clearly see your reflection and get a close, smooth shave without nicks and cuts.

The upgraded suction cup also securely mounts the mirror to any smooth, non-porous surface in seconds. No more dealing with mirrors that keep falling off the wall!

Advanced Anti-Fog Coating for Crystal Clear Visibility

The mirror surface is treated with a proprietary fog-resistant coating that inhibits water condensation buildup. This coating causes water droplets to spread into an ultra thin, transparent layer rather than form fog.

This gives you a crystal clear view of your face for easy shaving, applying makeup or any other task. No more shaving by feel and hoping for the best!

The anti-fog coating lasts for many months with proper care. A bonus bottle of Mirrorvana Anti-Fog Spray is also included to reapply the coating whenever needed. Simply mist the mirror and wipe off excess.

Upgraded Suction Cup for Secure Mounting

Attach the mirror firmly to any smooth, non-porous surface like tile, glass, granite, acrylic or metal.

The upgraded suction cup features a twist-lock mechanism. Just press the cup flat against the surface, then twist the lock tab to engage the powerful suction. This creates a tight vacuum seal to keep the mirror locked in place.

The tab also acts as a handle to easily detach and reposition the mirror as needed. No tools or hardware required for installation.

Stick it to your bathroom wall mirror, shower tiles, counters, cabinets or any other flat surface. The super-strong suction prevents it falling off mid-shave ever again!

Durable Shatterproof Design

The mirror is made of lightweight polycarbonate plastic instead of fragile glass. This shatterproof construction ensures the mirror won’t crack or break on impact.

No more worrying about accidentally dropping it or having shattered glass go flying in the shower. The durable design also makes the mirror ideal for travel since you don’t have to baby it.

Thoughtful Gift for Any Man

Searching for a useful gift for the man in your life? This is the perfect present for fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons or any guy who shaves!

The fog-free shower mirror makes shaving easier and safer. No man wants to gouge his face with a razor because he can’t see properly.

It’s sure to get daily use and make mornings less frustrating. A very practical gift he’ll appreciate for years to come.

Ideal for Travel

The slim profile and lightweight design takes up minimal space in a toiletry bag. Easily pack it along for business trips, vacations, camping or any travels.

No need to skip shaving while away from home or struggle with hotel mirrors that constantly fog up. Have clear visibility for grooming no matter where you are.

User-Friendly Features

  • 6.3 x 6.3 inches – wide viewing area for full face visibility
  • Distortion-free reflective surface
  • 360° swivel adjustment – set at ideal angle
  • Waterproof and steam resistant
  • Rust proof aluminum trim – holds up in shower environment
  • Lightweight and durable

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our fog-free shower mirror. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just let us know to get a full refund or replacement.

Start Your Mornings Right with a Clear Fog-Free View

No more shaving blind or constantly wiping down a foggy mirror! The MIRRORVANA Fog-Free Shower Mirror gives you crystal clear visibility for easy grooming.

Suction cup attaches securely to any non-porous surface in seconds.

Anti-fog coating keeps the mirror free from steam and condensation during hot showers.

Lightweight and durable construction made to last.

The perfect functional gift for men or anyone who shaves in the shower.

Add the MIRRORVANA Fogless Shower Mirror to your cart now and make shaving frustration a thing of the past!


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