Milani Stay Put Eyeshadow Primer – Your Secret to Flawless, Crease-Free Eye Makeup



Get ready to make your eye makeup dreams come true with the Milani Stay Put Eyeshadow Primer. This revolutionary formula transforms your eyelids into the perfect canvas for long-lasting, vibrant eye makeup looks. Just one swipe delivers intense, crease-free color that will never smudge, fade or transfer – even through the most hectic days.

Goodbye Creasing. Hello All-Day Wear.

Ordinary eyeshadows and primers simply can’t compete with the tenacious staying power of Milani’s Eyeshadow Primer. Its lightweight formula seamlessly glides onto lids, instantly grabbing onto powder and cream shadows for budge-proof wear that lasts up to 24 hours. The soft nude tint works for all skin tones, disappearing invisibly without ever appearing chalky.

Intensifies Every Shade for Maximum Impact

Any eyeshadow palette instantly becomes more pigmented and vibrant when used over Milani’s Primer. The creamy base maximizes color payoff, transforming lackluster shadows into richly saturated stunners. Sheer washes become opaque and metallic. Mattes turn velvety and intense. Shimmers dazzle with foiled richness. Even the most complex smokey eyes maintain their depth and dimension all day long.

Your New Secret Weapon for Flawless Eye Makeup

Bid farewell to perpetually touching up your eye makeup throughout the day. This primer keeps even the most unruly shadows locked in place from the moment you apply them. No more checking the mirror every hour to find your eye look has shifted, faded or disappeared completely. Just smooth on Milani Primer and your artfully blended crease colors, striking graphic liner and sultry smoky shadows will look freshly applied morning to night.

Use It Under Any Eyeshadow for Incredible Results

From prestige palettes to drugstore singles, every shadow performs better over Milani Eyeshadow Primer. The universal nude shade complements all complexions so you can wear it under shimmers, mattes, satins and metallics without dulling their unique finish. It also prolongs wear and intensifies color payoff.

Vegan Formula Won’t Irritate Sensitive Eyes

Delicate eyelids prone to irritation can enjoy extended wear eye makeup thanks to Milani’s vegan, cruelty-free formula. The gentle primer contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances that could cause stinging or discomfort. Even contact lens wearers can apply it worry-free.

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow Primer

-Prep lids by moisturizing with an eye cream to maximize smoothness.

-Use a small amount – a little goes a long way.

-Blend evenly from lashline to brow bone using fingers or a brush.

-Allow it to dry completely before applying eye makeup.

-Layer powder shadow immediately over primer for best adhesion.

-For a pop of color, pat a cream shadow stick directly onto primer.

Say Goodbye to Creased, Faded Eye Makeup

Experience long-lasting, crease-free eye makeup with Milani Eyeshadow Primer. Its skin-loving formula keeps even the most unruly shadows in place without drying or uncomfortable tightness. Enjoy vibrant color and skip the midday touch-ups. Just smooth on this primer to make eye makeup worries a thing of the past.


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