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Define, Fill, and Sculpt Your Brows Like a Pro with Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color in Dark Brown

Get professional-looking, bold brows that last all day and well into the night with Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color in Dark Brown. This rich, matte formula adheres to brows for up to 16 hours of waterproof, smudge-proof wear. The angled brush allows you to precisely outline, fill in, and sculpt brows exactly the way you want them. Available in 8 natural-looking shades that complement various hair colors. Cruelty-free and vegan.

Sculpt Bold, Defined Brows That Truly Stay Put

If you love defined, full eyebrows but are tired of constant touch-ups, Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color is your perfect match. The highly pigmented formula adheres tightly to brow hairs and skin for up to 16 hours of fade and smudge-proof wear. Even during workouts or on hot summer days, your brows will stay perfectly groomed. The Dark Brown shade matches dark brunette to black hair beautifully, providing rich color payoff for dramatic brows.

Say Goodbye to Fading, Smudging Brows

Kiss those frustrating midday brow touch-ups goodbye. Milani’s waterproof brow color formula is truly budge-proof, locking pigment onto brows for nearly a full 24 hours. No matter how humid, rainy, or sweaty your day gets, your brows will look like you just filled them in. The unique formula is powered by waxes and polymers that bind to hairs and skin for unbeatable staying power. Dab away excess oil and the color won’t lift. Get caught in a downpour and your arches will remain perfectly defined.

Sculpt the Brows of Your Dreams

The angled brush allows you to shape and fill brows exactly how you want them. Use the thin edge to outline arches and create hair-like strokes along the brows. Then, flip the brush and fill in sparse areas with the wide edge. The stiff bristles capture enough product to fill brows evenly in one swipe. Dip the brush in the creams, press into brows, and any bald spots vanish. The specially designed brush makes it easy for anyone to achieve fuller, sharper brows.

Find Your Perfect Brow Match

With 8 shades to choose from, you can find a Milani Stay Put Brow Color that seamlessly matches your hairs while enhancing their shape and fullness. Colors include:

  • Soft Brown – for light to medium blonde hair
  • Medium Brown – for medium to dark blonde hair
  • Hazelnut – for light brown hair
  • Brunette – for medium brown hair
  • Taupe – for gray/silver hair
  • Dark Brown – for dark brown to black hair
  • Chocolate – for black hair
  • Espresso – for very dark black hair

With foolproof application and expansive shade range, anyone can achieve natural but defined brows that won’t fade or smudge away, no matter your hair color.

Cruelty-Free Bold Brows

Milani is proud to be a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. Our brow colors are never tested on animals and formulated without any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. The rich pigments are comprised of minerals and waxes for intense color payoff. Show off your bold brows with peace of mind knowing no animals were harmed in the making of this product.

Fill and Define Brows With Confidence

With its strong color payoff, flexibility for hair-like strokes or full coverage, and unbeatable staying power, Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color makes achieving picture-perfect, enviable brows easy breezy. Use quick, short strokes with the angled brush to mimic individual hairs and frame brows to your desired shape. Then fill in any sparseness or bald spots with smooth, even color that adheres tightly to skin and lasts for up to 16 hours. Once your brows are filled and sculpted, use the spoolie end to blend any harsh edges for a natural look. With these rich, easy-to-use brow colors, you can take on any day with bold brows that won’t budge.

How to Use

Step 1: Use the angled brush end to outline your brows in short, hair-like strokes.

Step 2: Fill inside your brows using the flat edge of the brush in swift, even strokes.

Step 3: Use the spoolie end to blend the product seamlessly through brows.

Step 4: Build color as desired for more dramatic brows.

Step 5: Be sure to wipe excess product from brush and close jar tightly after each use.


  • Exfoliate brows first to remove dead skin so color adheres better.
  • Outline the bottoms of brows first, then tops.
  • When filling brows, apply color in the direction of hair growth.
  • Use short, light strokes to mimic real hairs.
  • Always blend with spoolie after filling for a natural look.

Try a Brow Color That Truly Stays Put!

Take your brows from dull to diva-licious with Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color. The waterproof formula provides salon-perfect definition that lasts for up to 16 hours, banishing mid-day touch-ups. With an angled brush for easy sculpting and 8 shades to match any hair color, anyone can achieve shapely, envy-worthy arches. Go ahead and get caught in the rain or workout as hard as you want – these vegan, cruelty-free brow colors aren’t going anywhere. Flaunt bold, beautiful brows every day with Milani!


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