Micro Touch Titanium MAX Personal Trimmer – Lighted Grooming Tool



Achieve smooth, well-groomed facial and body hair anytime, anywhere with the Micro Touch Titanium MAX Personal Trimmer. This multi-purpose grooming tool tackles unwanted hairs with precision thanks to the built-in LED light.

The lightweight titanium trimmer easily navigates hard-to-reach spots like eyebrows, ear hair, nose hair, necklines and sideburns. Safely shape and tame hair with the effortless glide of the hypoallergenic titanium blade.

No outlet needed! The long-lasting battery provides cordless power for portable grooming. Keep the Micro Touch Titanium MAX close for quick cleanups wherever you are.

Built-In Light for Total Accuracy

The bright LED light integrated into the trimmer head clearly illuminates target areas for meticulous hair removal. Carefully shape and define eyebrows, sideburns, beard lines and other facial zones.

Even fine, nearly invisible hairs inside the ears or nose become easy to see and trim. The light eliminates shadows and ensures every hair is targeted for uniform grooming.

Hypoallergenic Titanium Blade

The trimmer is equipped with a lightweight titanium blade honed for optimal sharpness and corrosion resistance. The engineered titanium material provides a smooth, gentle glide over the skin.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, the titanium blade stays sharper for longer compared to stainless steel. Trim hair neatly each and every time thanks to durable titanium construction.

Cordless Use Anywhere

Powered by just 1 AA battery (included), the trimmer delivers up to 2 hours of cordless runtime. Easily maintain your look whether you’re at home, work, the gym or traveling.

The compact size and integrated carry cap make this groomer perfect for tossing in your bag or suitcase. Never let unwanted hairs sneak up on you again, no outlet required!

Multi-Purpose Personal Grooming

This versatile tool tackles hair grooming tasks all over the face and body. The slim, ergonomic shape allows you to precisely handle detail work on the eyebrows, upper lip, ears, nose and more.

Also use it to define beard, neck and sideburn lines. Safely trim body and bikini zone hair as well. One high-performing groomer meets all your needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Built-in LED guiding light
  • Hypoallergenic titanium blade
  • Cordless for portable grooming
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip design
  • Sharp cutting of fine hair
  • Use wet or dry
  • AA battery included

Keep Your Look Clean and Tidy

Don’t let unwanted hairs sabotage your well-groomed appearance. The Micro Touch Titanium MAX Personal Trimmer allows you to quickly clean up facial and body hair with close precision.

The LED light and hypoallergenic blade mean no stray hairs stand a chance. Conveniently cordless and travel-ready, this multi-use trimmer is a grooming essential for men and women on the go.


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