Michael Todd Sonicsmooth Replacement Kit – 8 Safety Edges for Dermaplaning Tool



Take your at-home dermaplaning routine to the next level with the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Replacement Kit. This pack includes 8 sterile, single-use safety edges that attach to the Sonicsmooth or Sonicsmooth Pro dermaplaning tools.

The replacement edges allow you to experience incredibly smooth, fuzz-free skin with each use. Using a fresh edge every time ensures proper hygiene and the best exfoliation and hair removal results.

Compatible with Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning Tools

The safety edges in this replacement kit are designed specifically for the Michael Todd Sonicsmooth and Sonicsmooth Pro dermaplaning tools. They easily attach to the head of either device in seconds.

The Sonicsmooth tools use advanced sonic technology to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and simultaneously remove fine vellus hairs, known as peach fuzz. The replacement edges keep the dermaplaning treatment hygienic and effective.

Single-Use for Optimal Safety

Each safety edge is intended for one use only for the most sterile dermaplaning experience. The edges conveniently remove after each treatment and new ones snap into place in seconds prior to the next use.

Using a fresh edge every time you dermaplane prevents the buildup of bacteria that could occur with reusing the same edge. The single-use edges keep your dermaplaning routine safe and hygienic.

Expert Hair Removal and Exfoliation

The specialty stainless steel edges gently remove vellus hairs and exfoliate in one swift motion. The elongated, fine design allows you to target and remove peach fuzz evenly across the face.

As the edge glides over your skin, the micro-vibrations lift away dead surface cells to reveal remarkably smooth, glowing skin. Replace the edges weekly to maintain these transformative exfoliating and hair removal results.

Spa-Quality Results at Home

Salon-quality dermaplaning treatments can be expensive and time consuming. With the Sonicsmooth Replacement Kit, you can achieve the same professional exfoliation and hair removal results from the convenience of home.

Pamper your skin weekly with a dermaplaning session using the sterilized safety edges. You’ll enjoy a vibrant, fuzz-free complexion perfect for flawless makeup application without the hassle or cost of visiting a spa.

Simple to Attach and Remove

The safety edges easily attach onto the head of the Sonicsmooth dermaplaning tools with a simple twist motion. When you feel the edge click into place, it’s ready for use.

After each treatment, gently twist the used edge to detach it from the tool head. Discard the edge and the sonic tool is ready for a fresh, sterile replacement edge at your next dermaplaning session.

Key Benefits:

  • 8 single-use safety edges
  • Compatible with Sonicsmooth dermaplaning tools
  • Provides weekly exfoliation and hair removal
  • Prevents bacteria buildup
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Enables at-home dermaplaning treatments

Replace Every Week for Healthy Skin

Never use a dull or old edge again with this 8-week supply of Michael Todd Sonicsmooth Replacement Kit safety edges. Investing in replacement edges ensures the Sonicsmooth dermaplaning tool performs optimally each time to reveal remarkably radiant, ultra-smooth skin.

Pamper your complexion weekly with the transformative power of fresh dermaplaning edges. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these professional-quality, at-home dermaplaning treatments.


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