Metker 1000 Fun Temporary Tattoos for Kids – Endless Waterproof Designs for Pool Parties, Birthdays and Everyday Dress Up!



Let your child’s imagination run wild with Metker’s mega pack of 1000 crazy cool temporary tattoos! This jumbo set includes 90 sheets packed with unique and vibrant designs that are perfect for kids of all ages.

From cute animals, silly monsters and wacky foods to superheroes, princess crowns and pirate ships, these non-toxic tats allow kids to transform into anything they dream up. Stick them on arms, legs, faces, dolls, action figures, lunch boxes, water bottles – the possibilities are endless!

Hours of Creative Playtime Fun

Metker’s temporary tattoos will provide hours of creative fun for your little ones. Let them flip through the giant variety of tats to find their favorites or take turns picking designs for each other. They can mix and match themes or cover themselves head to toe in dinosaurs, rainbows or unicorns!

The tattoos make for interactive playtime, encouraging kids to imagine epic adventures, silly scenarios or fashionable outfits. They can dress up as superheroes, rockstars or princesses, act out stories with new characters or decorate their toys too.

Perfect for Parties and Everyday Dress Up

These temporary tats aren’t just for playtime, they also make awesome party favors and dress up accessories. Hand them out at birthday parties or sleepovers and watch imaginations come alive. The kids will have a blast decorating each other with crazy designs as they celebrate.

Or let your kiddo adorn themselves daily with their favorite fun tats. They can show off their individual style at school or sport cute tats for special occasions. Metker’s high-quality tats last 4-6 days, so the fun doesn’t have to stop after just one use.

Made with Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients

You can feel good about letting your child wear these temporary tattoos because they are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin. They are 100% kid-friendly and cause no adverse reactions.

Metker uses skin-conditioning oils and plant extracts like aloe vera and sunflower oil to moisturize skin. Our tats leave behind a hydrating effect to keep your kiddo’s skin soft and smooth. They wash off easily with soap and water when playtime is over.

Super Quick and Easy Application

Applying your little one’s favorite designs is quick and easy with our pre-cut tats – no messy tracing or cutting required. Just peel off the design, place it face down on clean skin and hold a wet cloth or sponge over the back for 15 seconds. Slowly remove the paper and voila – instant awesome tattoo!

The tats stick straight away for an instant activity, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. No inks, stampers or stencils needed – Metker tats are the easiest way to let creativity shine.

Lasts Safely for Days

Our advanced waterproof formula allows Metker temp tats to last 4-6 days, even through activity, bathing and swimming. While the tats stay vibrant, they still peel off easily when your child is ready for a change. No smudging, fading or sticker residue.

You never have to worry about ingredients seeping into the skin because Metker tats sit gently on the surface until removed. Kids are free to splash and play without you stressing over safety.

Endless Design Possibilities

With 90 jam-packed sheets and 1000 unique designs, kids enjoy endless mix and match options. Let their imagination run wild as they explore the huge variety of colorful tats.

Choose from cute critters, fun foods, superheroes, princess motifs, pirate themes and so much more. Your child will love pointing out their favorites and covering themselves in tons of designs or just rocking a couple standout tats.

Decorate More Than Just Skin

Metker’s safe, non-toxic tats can decorate more than just arms and legs. Kids can stick them on toys, lunchboxes, water bottles, binders, mirrors, cell phones and more. They instantly transform ordinary items into stylish, personalized accessories.

The possibilities are endless when your kiddo realizes they can use their tats to creatively decorate almost anything. Watch them proudly show off their new customized stuff.

The Perfect Party Favor or Stocking Stuffer

Surprise your kiddos with Metker temp tats at their next birthday party or summer pool bash. Hand them out as fun party favors or squirrel some away to add to gift bags. The 1000 delightful designs will get all the kids excited to decorate themselves and each other!

Or slip a pack into your child’s stocking this holiday season. They’ll be thrilled to kick off Christmas day decorating with fun tats! It’s a gift that provides hours of screen-free entertainment.

Get Endless Value with 1000 Awesome Designs

Why scour stores for overpriced packs of 10-20 temporary tattoos when you can get 1000 cool tats for one great price? Metker delivers endless value, allowing kids to enjoy new designs every day.

The jumbo pack has enough for siblings and friends to share while still ensuring your child gets tons of their personal faves to rock solo. You won’t need to buy another pack for a long time!

Let your kiddo’s creativity and self-expression shine by providing unlimited tat possibilities. Metker makes it easy and affordable to say yes to their dreams with 1000 instant tats ready for decorating. Just add water for endless hours of fun!


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