Metene Long Handle Dual-Sided Shower Brush for Exfoliating Back Scrub



Refresh and invigorate your entire body with the Metene dual-sided shower brush. Specially designed for hard-to-reach spots, this brush features a 17 inch handle and both soft and stiff bristles for customized exfoliating.

One side has soft nylon bristles that gently sweep away dirt and oils without irritation. The other side has firm natural bristles to deeply cleanse and exfoliate, perfect for stubborn areas like the back and feet.

The extended ergonomic handle allows you to easily brush all over with a secure grip. Rubber grips on the handle prevent slipping for comfort and control while scrubbing. A hanging rope is also included for convenient storage.

Use this brush for dry brushing to stimulate circulation and cell renewal before showering. Or lather it up with soap or body wash for an invigorating wet scrub. Rinse bristles clean after each use.

For a thorough cleanse and exfoliation of hard-to-reach spots, choose the Metene dual-sided shower brush. The long handle and soft/stiff bristles leave your skin fresh, smooth and glowing.


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