Metene 5-Pack Multi-Color Bath Loofah Sponges for Shower



Refresh and rejuvenate your shower routine with this 5-pack of loofah sponges from Metene. Available in an assortment of colors, these soft mesh poufs create a rich lather for a luxurious cleanse.

The 4.3 inch loofahs fit comfortably in hand for full-body cleansing. Generously sized at 60 grams, the tightly woven pouf design works up a foamy lather to remove dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. Rinse easily under water after use.

Crafted from quick-drying polyester, the mesh sponges are ultra durable to withstand frequent scrubbing. Twisted cores prevent shedding so loofahs maintain shape and last longer. Sturdy hang ropes allow for convenient drying and storage.

Pamper yourself with a loofah in your favorite color, or gift a set to family and friends. Available in green, pink, blue, purple and orange shades. For a refreshing shower experience, lather up with these colorful bath poufs from Metene.


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