Metene 2-Pack Dry Brushing Body Brushes – Soft and Stiff Bamboo Bristles



Reveal refreshed, healthy skin with this 2-pack of dry brushing body brushes from Metene. The set includes a soft and stiff brush to exfoliate and cleanse your entire body.

Crafted with hand-polished bamboo handles and natural bristles, these brushes are perfect for dry brushing before showering. The stiff brush deeply exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, smooth cellulite, and stimulate circulation. The soft brush gently removes toxins and impurities without irritation.

The ergonomic handles comfortably fit in your hand with a non-slip flax strap for control while brushing hard-to-reach spots. Use circular motions towards the heart to improve lymph drainage. Rinse bristles clean after each use.

In addition to exfoliating, dry brushing tightens skin, boosts energy levels, and reduces the visible signs of cellulite. Enjoy the invigorating benefits of dry brushing with this premium soft and stiff set from Metene.


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