Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Safety Razor – Short Handled Barber’s Razor from Germany



Experience the close, smooth shave of a classic barber with the Merkur Mk34c double edge safety razor. This heavy-duty razor is made in Germany with quality manufacturing that provides comfort and control.

The Mk34c stands out with its extra thick, short handle that allows for a firm, ergonomic grip during shaving. The ribbed knurling helps prevent slips. Enjoy full control and maneuverability when shaping your beard and achieving a close shave.

The chrome-plated finish gives the razor a sleek, sophisticated look. Merkur uses precise manufacturing tolerances for smooth blade alignment and adjustment. Simply turn the bottom dial to adjust blade exposure for your preferred shave closeness.

Made for professional barbershop quality, the Mk34c provides a comfortable, irritation-free shave. The double edge design allows blades to cut effectively from both sides. Easily swap out dull blades for fresh, sharp ones.

Experience a traditional, high-quality wet shave with the Merkur Mk34c. The German craftsmanship and sturdy handle provide reliability and safety. Upgrade your grooming routine with this barber-style double edge safety razor.


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