Meipo Cotton Swabs – 400 Ultra Thick Cotton Tips for Makeup, Cleaning, Crafting



Discover the versatile uses of Meipo Cotton Swabs with ultra thick tips and sturdy wooden sticks. These high quality swabs are ideal for makeup application, cleaning, crafts, and more.

The 400 count pack provides a bulk supply for all your cotton swab needs. Try them and see why Meipo is the best value swab brand on Amazon.

Thick, Dense Cotton Tips

Meipo swabs feature an extra dense cotton tip that’s up to 30% thicker than regular swabs. This means more absorbency to remove makeup and clean delicate areas.

The premium cotton is ultra soft and smooth on skin. It won’t fray or shed little cotton fibers like cheaper swabs.

Dense cotton also prevents absorbency loss when wet. The tips stay intact whether using for makeup or cleaning. No more cotton bits left behind on your face!

Strong Bamboo Sticks for Durability

The bamboo stick is flexible yet more durable than plastic applicators. This allows applying pressure without bending or breaking the swab.

Bamboo also has natural grip ridges to prevent slipping as you use the swabs. The smooth wood surface won’t scratch delicate skin.

No more flimsy, cheap swabs! Meipo cotton swabs maintain their integrity and maximize control for any task.

Versatile Household and Beauty Uses

Removing Makeup
Gently swipe away mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip color mistakes. Safe even for sensitive eye areas.

Cleaning Electronics
Carefully remove dust and dirt from keyboards, cameras, watches and other gadgets.

Use to apply glue and paints or absorb mistakes. The sturdy sticks are great for modeling and embellishing.

Home Cleaning
Swab away dirt in hard to reach spots and fixtures. Apply cleaning solutions to sinks, tile and more.

Clean ears, navels, between toes and anywhere needing gentle care.

Double the Swabs with 400 Count Bulk Pack

This value pack includes 400 double tipped swabs so you never run out. With 2 tips per stick, it’s like getting 800 regular cotton swabs!

At less than a penny per swab, this is the most economical way to buy quality cotton swabs. Share extras with family and friends too.

Experience the Thick, Absorbent Difference

Meipo double cotton swabs are simply the highest quality for an affordable price. See why they have a 4.8 star average rating from over 3,000 reviews.

Treat your skin, home and crafts to the best. Click Add to Cart now to stock up on the Meipo 400 count box!

Ultra Thick, Dense Cotton Tips

Most cotton swabs feature thin, flimsy cotton that easily frays and shreds when wet. But Meipo swabs are engineered with extra dense cotton tips up to 30% thicker than average swabs.

This means they absorb more liquid and hold their shape better than regular cotton tips. The thick cotton stays intact whether you’re swiping on makeup or cleaning delicate areas.

Dense cotton also prevents absorbency loss as the tips get wet. No more flimsy cotton bits left behind on your skin or surfaces when cleaning!

Experience superior performance with thick, durable cotton tips built to handle any task.

Strong, Splinter-Free Bamboo Sticks

The bamboo stick provides the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. Bend and maneuver the swabs without compromising durability.

Bamboo is naturally smooth and won’t scratch skin like plastic applicators. It also has an easy-grip texture for control.

The sturdy bamboo won’t bend, snap or splinter like cheaper wooden sticks. No more cotton bits left behind in your ear or wounds.

Trust Meipo swabs to maintain their integrity so you can tackle makeup, cleaning, crafts and more with precision.

Ideal for Removing Makeup

Carefully wipe away makeup mistakes and smudges without irritation using Meipo cotton swabs.

The extra thick cotton tip gently absorbs excess mascara, eyeliner, shadow and lip color. It won’t leave little cotton fuzzies behind.

Bamboo sticks and dense cotton provide control to smoothly remove makeup without poking your eye or scratching skin.

Forget makeup wipes and remover-soaked balls. Use a Meipo swab for mistake-free, irritation-free makeup removal.

Removes Dirt from Electronics and Jewelry

Gently clean dirt, dust and grime from the nooks and crannies of jewelry, watches, cameras and electronics using a Meipo swab.

The fine tip cleans inside intricate crevices that cloths can’t reach. Thick cotton and bamboo applicator prevent damage while dusting.

Antistatic cotton also helps remove lint and debris from screens and lenses. Safely swab away smudges from all your delicate gadgets and valuables.

Crafter’s Best Friend

The stiff bamboo stick and absorbent cotton make Meipo swabs a crafter’s go-to for endless projects.

Apply paints and glitter without dripping. Use the cotton tips for controlled glue application. Blot away excess glue and paint drips instantly.

The sturdy bamboo is also great for pressing, molding and embellishing clay, dough, paper mache and more.

Keep Meipo cotton swabs handy for so many DIY crafting and modeling jobs.

Cleans Hard to Reach Spots

The slim swab tip allows you to clean dirt and grime from tight, enclosed areas.

Dust out fingerprints on light switches, baseboards, speakers, computer keyboards and other narrow spaces.

Apply cleaning solutions and polish to furniture corners, crevices and decorative carvings. Then swab away the dirt for a deep clean.

Reach tight spots regular rags and cleaners can’t access!

400 Count Supply for Endless Uses

This value pack includes 400 double tipped swabs, providing 800 regular cotton tips!

At less than a penny per swab, it’s the most affordable way to buy quality cotton swabs in bulk.

Never worry about running out again. Share extras with family and friends too.

With so many versatile uses, from makeup to cleaning and crafting, the 400 count Meipo pack is the only cotton swab supply you need.


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