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Get ready to take your Halloween costume or special effects makeup to the next level with Mehron Makeup Coagulated Blood. This thickened and coagulated blood has an arterial red color that looks realistic for mimicking cuts, gashes, and bloody wounds. The syrup base allows the blood to stay moist without dripping, so you can create oozing scabs and clots that look fresh and gory.

Spine-Chilling Special Effects

Mehron’s coagulated blood is perfect for haunted houses, costume parties, theater productions, and independent films. Use it to create chillinginjuries and wounds, from simple scratches to deep lacerations with dripping blood and coagulated scabs. The bright red color stands out against skin for an extra frightening effect.

Stay-Put Blood Clots and Scabs

What makes Mehron’s coagulated blood unique is the thickened syrup base that allows you to build up realistic texture and dimension. Mound it on to form blood clots, or use a stipple sponge to create scabbed over wounds. The syrup base prevents dripping while maintaining a moist, fresh look. The blood will stay put exactly where you apply it for long lasting effects.

Smooth Application for Detailed FX

A little bit of Mehron’s coagulated blood goes a long way thanks to the easy squeeze bottle applicator. Apply dots and lines to create dripping cuts or gashes. Or stipple on with a sponge for a more textured look. Use a cotton swab to add finer details like smears or splatters. The smooth formula allows for both precision and full coverage.

Safe and Easy to Remove

Mehron coagulated blood is made with high quality pigments and thickening agents that are non-toxic for safe application on skin. It rinses off easily with soap and water. For removing residue, we recommend using a gentle makeup remover wipe followed by warm water and soap. The blood is formulated to wash out of fabrics and surfaces.

Made in the USA Since 1927

Mehron has been pioneering professional makeup and special effects for nearly 100 years. All our products are proudly made in the USA to the highest standards. We use top quality vegan ingredients so our coagulated blood has a smooth, realistic look and feel. It’s latex and candle wax free.

How to Use

Apply directly from bottle to create drips and splatters. Can also load onto brushes or sponges.
Stipple with a sponge to build texture and clots. Smooth out edges for a seamless blended look.
Use a cotton swab to add finer details like smears or tiny splatters.
For drying/scabbing effects, dab blood into the wound and then stipple with translucent face powder. Repeat layers for added dimension.
To remove, start with gentle makeup remover wipe and warm water, then wash area with soap.
So take your costumes, special effects, and performances to the next level with Mehron Makeup Coagulated Blood. The realistic syrup texture allows you to create gruesome gashes, cuts, bullet holes, and other gory effects that will make people cringe. Made in the USA and easy to use for stunning results.


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